Ability to edit a comment

Why has the ability to edit comments been removed?

Not a concern of mine, just curious as to the reasons why.





      Ah so it has. I always thought you could edit it within x mins and then you could no longer change but now it's completely gone.

  • It should be fixed now.


      Yep working. Thanks for the response scotty


    Can anyone see this message?



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        Who you replying to Jizah?


        Nope what?


          I would guess it was a 'Nope he can't see your message' even though he has replied to it. Tried to pull a funny.


            @wellydeal: How would he have seen my message when he posted 'Nope'? It was more than 90 mins before!!

            Whoaa - you mean he went forward in time, read my reply, then posted 'Nope' in response back in his time?

            That's loopy!

            Also, would the universe have imploded (for the seventeenth time if my counting is right) if I had not posted a reply for him to have read in the future?

            {Edited - Causal clarity}