Good and Cheap VDSL Broadband Package

Hi guys,

Just want to ask your opinion around VDSL connections and which one is the best provider in your opinion? I have always been using fibre so far, but are currently in the process of moving to an older heritage building with no fibre in the unit.

Looking for something reasonably cheap with good and reliable connection speed as I work from home quite a bit and have to connect to remote desktop most of the time so good speed is very crucial.

Also, has anyone have any experience requesting fibre in their rental property unit (especially in an apartment setting)? Do we have to pay anything and how is the process? Would be good to hear some experience around this as well.

Thank you!



    I used to be with flip, but they then changed me to slingshot as flip stopped offering vdsl. No problem with either companies. I work from home also. Have considered fibre but as vdsl is reliable, fast and not throttled for me I haven't seen the need. Various companies always begging me to change but as the price is still slightly more than vdsl I haven't bothered. You might want to look into 4g wireless. Companies have ramped up the deals on that. I think it is getting closer to vdsl costs. So cheaper than fibre, but supposedly faster and more reliable than vdsl. All places offering me fibre say that the install is free. But they also all say that is "limited" and free install wont be forever. Anyway use one of the comparison sites to look at some deals. For example


    I use skinny 4G wireless

    $65 a month for unlimited. No contact, but you can for a discount and free modem.

    Typical speeds at my place 60-80 download and 10-20 upload.

    No issues to work from home with it


    Just got off a call with Skinny to compare their VDSL vs 4g wireless. It seems like they believe that the VDSL connection is better and more reliable? Does anyone have any experience using both and can offer some insights into which one is better than the other? Looking for a good, stable internet speed. Probably around 4 - 5 devices logged in (2 phones, 2 laptops, 1 smart TV + PlayStation).

    Skinny's 4G Wireless seems like a very good deal. My fiance is on the skinny monthly plan so they offer a $10 discount per month, the cost comes to $55 per month, unlimited, first month free, free modem (Huawei B618) with a 12-month contract. So total cost after all the discount comes down to $50.5 per month.


      Hi DealHunters,

      The quality of Skinny's 4G option will vary significantly by location, so anyone else's experience may not mean much to you. VDSL is also dependent upon distance from the exchange, so other people's experience with that may also have little relevance to you either. Also to note that with VDSL, contention ratios (number of other people on your local exchange (? maybe DSLAM - can't recall now ?) will also affect your speeds, but I would guess that is becoming less of an issue - I don't know anyone who's been on any type of DSL for four or five years, so perhaps few others to contend with you for bandwidth.

      Maybe you could get something from Skinny (in writing!) that says you could swap from 4G to VDSL without any costs or other downsides at any point if you are not satisfied with the service?