Car Insurance - Gotcha's, things to look out for

I would just like to bring this to your attention as it may save you in the long run when taking out car insurance.

When I shop around for car insurance I make use of all the provider's online quote to try and get the lowest priced premium.
I want to warn those who are thinking of making their excess higher to keep their premium costs low thinking that,
"I'm a careful driver, the chances of me being at fault is low so in the chance of me getting in an accident is more likely to be the other party at fault so I won't have to pay excess" to avoid thinking like this.

There are situations where even if you're not at fault of the accident you will still have to pay excess as this is what has happened to me.

I was rear ended and even have dashcam footage. I've got the other parties details such as license and phone number however those details are the owner of the car and not the driver. So my insurance hasn't been able to get a hold of the driver so I have to pay excess to release my car from the panel beaters.

Insurance will refund me back the excess I paid once they're able to recover the cost from the other party, also I paid by credit card which incurred a $15 fee which insurance will not refund, only the excess amount.

I'm with AMI and this is what's in their contract which justifies their stance in not refunding me my excess.
AMI policy from

Innocent party protection
a. Your vehicle is covered for accidental damage arising from a collision with another vehicle.
b. We will only pay for damage to your vehicle if:
i we can confirm that the driver of your vehicle was completely free of blame, and
ii you can supply to us the registration number of the other vehicle, the name and address of the driver, and
iii the driver of the other vehicle is uninsured and acknowledges involvement in the accident to us.
Example case where this can take a long time, the driver of the Driver of the other vehicle hasn’t acknowledged involvement in the accident. Even though the type of accident is obvious that it’s not your fault ie. being rear ended and having dash cam footage, insurance will still not pay you out until they go through their recovery process which can take months.

My claim was lodged on 11 April 2021 and its expected to possibly take long as the other party cannot be contacted.
I called AMI to follow up on my case and they said something along the lines of, "In a worse case scenario where this claim has been closed due to not being able to get contact of the other party, you won't get your excess refunded"
I'll update this post when I get refunded to get a rough idea of how long these processes can take if not cancelled.

So the next time I'm taking out car insurance I'd carefully read through their contract for any wording that gets insurance to avoid paying you for example like this one from AA, "the person responsible confirms their involvement in the event" - I assume if the other party doesn't confirm their involvement then you don't get an excess refund.

A similar situation happened to my friend who is with ASB for their car insurance. They were faced with being asked to pay excess at the panel beaters but after they called their insurance they were able to have it waived as the type of accident showed they were not at fault.

This is my first time being faced with having to pay excess at the panel beaters where I am not at fault in an accident, so I just want to bring to attention that it's possible that you may need to pay excess where you're not at fault in a car accident.

Heres also a fair go story thats similar too


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    Pretty common and standard policy. Pay excess upfront and then get it refunded once they claim from the at fault party.

    Another thing to lookout for is vehicle policies that pay out at market rate and not agreed value.
    You could be paying premiums on what you think is a $30k car, get in an accident and insurance says that it was only ever worth $15k and therefore only pay out $15k..


    Just out of interest, what dashcam do you have? I should really get one and I've been tempted to get a cheap one from 1day, but not sure if it will last.


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      I have this one

      It's a bit pricey though but I'm lucky as I won it 2 n a half years ago which at the time was near $500.
      I believe its pretty good build quality as its been in direct sunlight and heat really long and it still hasn't had any problems as I hear some can have overheating issues.
      The night vision is pretty good.
      I like how it is dual camera in one unit. It comes with a 32GB MicroSD card too.

      FYI Dashcams use a special SD card that usually have the words "endurance" on it, to cope with the re-writing. If you use a regular card the video gets all glitchy.

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    Insurance wtf cases


    I used to be with ASB insurance now i'm with AA, customer service wise AA is so much better.


      AA appears to have a similar clause, just keep in mind.
      I believe if this isn't met they will not refund your excess if they're not able to contact the other party.
      • the person responsible confirms their involvement in the event

      Copied and pasted from their policy

      -You will have to pay an excess
      You must pay an excess for each individual event. We may deduct your excess from the total settlement amount. The circumstances of your claim determine the value of the excess you need to pay. You might have to pay more than one type of excess for each claim. Your policy schedule tells you the amount and types of excess. If you claim under more than one policy with us for loss caused by a single event at the same location, you will only have to pay one excess. This will be the highest total applicable excess. What we need to reimburse your excess

      We will reimburse your excess for an event if you have paid your excess and all the following criteria are met:
      • you give us the correct name and contact details of the other driver
      • you give us the correct registration number of the other vehicle
      • the person responsible confirms their involvement in the event
      • we agree the driver of your vehicle was not at fault and did not contribute to the event.


    Work in insurance here - RKL is correct, you always have to pay an excess until the insurance company can with certainty, recover costs from the other party. If they can't track the other party down, unfortunately, you will have to pay the excess.