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Access to Educational Prices @ PB Tech


This is a long-running deal.

The key is for our educational organisation. According to the email, it can be passed on to friends and families.

Use the membership key to get some discounts off their retail prices. I understand that there's another membership key for the Auckland City Council out there for years. This key might just do the same job. But thought I'd still post it here.

See the instruction here.


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  • Thanks! fractionally better than my existing membership

    • What 'type' was your existing membership?

  • +2

    Pricing looks a bit better than Auckland City Council one.

  • It's only 6% sadly. Only useful if I have to purchase that item from Pbtech only

  • So is this one better than the Auckland council one?

  • Don't think the code works anymore

    • Worked for me right now.

  • Neither this or my n3 membership seem to actually reduce the price at all.

    Says it's applied but price is the same as advertised before I even log in.

    • +1

      I believe it depends on what item you are looking at. For most items you should be able to see the price difference.

    • same for me

  • I know this is old but I can confirm the discount is better than the Auckland council code.

    • Is the Auckland Council code even still working? I added it a long while ago and IIRC tested it & confirmed prices on some items reduced.

      Today wanted to replace it with this but was checking prices before hand. Starting with SSDs which was what I was looking at, didn't see any difference between logged in and not logged it. So I moved on to keyboards then cables and also tablets and that UniFi device. Nothing seemed to be any different. Cables not on special in particular I expected to be cheaper but none I looked at were.

      Replaced my code with this and sure enough a lot of items are something cheaper, SSDs, keyboards, cables, tablets, the UniFi device.

      • It does seem like the Auckland Council code does not give you discounts anymore. Just tried it with a few products. Good observation!

  • Thanks for
    got about this

  • The Default Salesperson one just increases her Numbers for the year doesn't really matter just select someone you have either had good service from or random.

  • Can confirm it works better than the Auckland Council code!

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