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[XB1, XBX, Steam, PS4] Free -1943: The Battle of Midway via Capcom Arcade Stadium @ Steam, Microsoft Store, PlayStation Store


Capcom Arcade Stadium is now free on PlayStation, Steam, Xbox and Switch (since February).

Link to Microsoft Store
Link to PlayStation Store
(Ghost 'n Goblins is also free for PS+ members).

Capcom Arcade Stadium

is a compilation of classic arcade video games by Capcom. It was initially released on Nintendo Switch via the eShop on 17 February 2021. It contains 32 games that were originally released by Capcom in arcades from 1984 to 2001.

- download Capcom Arcade Stadium
- run C.A.S.
- Find 1943 and play.
- you have to buy packs if you want to play anything else.

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  • On Playstation Store, I see 306 games under Capcom Arcade Stadium (rather than the 32 that are mentioned above), but none of them are '1943: The Battle of Midway' unless I missed it.

    Am I doing something wrong?



    • Is that within the Arcade Stadium game/programme or you mean in the PlayStation store?

      • Hi Wakrak,

        I clicked on the link above to the PlayStation Store (https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/search/capcom%20arcade%2…)

        That is a 'search' for 'Capcom Arcade Station' and it shows 306 hits - each of which is, I guess, a game within the CAS (or maybe 305 games, plus the CAS itself).

        I clicked through the pages, and could not find '1943: The Battle of Midway' (or even any mention of '1943') at all.

        I also tried a search on '1943' alone (https://store.playstation.com/en-nz/search/1943), but no joy there either - I just get 'No results found'.

        Oddly, if you search on '1943: The Battle of Midway' it removes the colon, and returns 512 hits (interesting number - might be just a coincidence, but maybe a programming limit on results). I am guessing it is returning results with an implicit OR between each term, such as:

        1943 OR The OR Battle OR of OR Midway

        or maybe it removes small common words and returns results for:

        1943 OR Battle OR Midway

        Its Sony, so….



        • Ahh I see. You need to download Capcom Arcade Stadium, and within it, 1943 will be one of the free games available. Arcade Stadium acts as a launcher of sorts. The layout is like a gaming parlour with a bunch of different arcade machines representing games. Most of them will be inaccessible (unless you buy the packs) but 1943 will be free.

          • @Wakrak: Okay - got it.

            I guess I thought that 1943 would be shown as one of the items out of the 305 / 306, but I guess not?



  • This is fairly cool app.
    You can rewind the game and create save states at any point. Now i will finally be able to beat Ghost n Goblins.

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