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Free Ring Sizer Delivered @ Kavalri, Good Gold & Blue Nile


May 6 seems to be 'Free Ring Sizer Day' over at OzBargain…


Are you based in Australia or New Zealand? Simply provide your contact details and we will ship you a FREE ring sizer that will assist in determining your correct ring size. Please wear the ring sizer at different times during the day to ensure you are comfortable with the size. The ring should be snug, but still able to slide over the knuckle.

Thanks Maglia Nera

Also at:
- goodgold.nz
- Blue Nile
- Printable Michael Hill
- Printable SH Jewellery

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    Free Ring Sizer? Well, why not…?

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    Page 404'd but thanks for linking alternatives. Ordered one from goodgold.nz.

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      They replied back as they had found out I came from cheapies.

      Looks like they will only send out to people intending to order a ring from them.

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    they did one a while back. was on cheapies and signed up but never came (their spam did tho)

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    From goodgold.nz….


    Thanks so much for ordering a ring sizer. I see you found us through cheapies.nz. Awesome, we love bargains. However, as we are a small, family business, we need to make sure that our ring sizers are being sent to people that are intending to order a ring from us (they cost us a lot of money to make, package and send, we do it all ourselves in our little workshop).

    So, if you can just confirm that you are in the market for a wedding ring and tell us your wedding date, we'll get one sent out to you ASAP.

    If you're just after some free stuff, we get it! But, it's expensive for us, so you know, be cool.

    All the best,

    Laurel, Ash, Siggy and Tamsin


      Unsure if to remove them from list or expire the deal. Might just expire deal for now and see what you guys think.