Microsoft 365 - Family - Access to multiple accounts?

Hi All,

Since I do IT 'stuff', I am always getting asked questions by friends and family (which is fine - no issue with that). However, I was asked a question by a friend today that I could not answer, but undertook to find out.

They are looking at purchasing an annual subscription for M365 Family Edition such as this:

The question is, whether they have to actually install / setup all six accounts to get access to the storage of all six accounts?

What they are thinking is that there are only four of them in their family, each of which has a machine / device (some have more than one, but I believe you can install each account onto more than one machine / device), so there will be two 'spare' accounts. Each account gets 1TB of storage, so 6TB altogether.

They want to store family stuff (family photos and videos mainly) in one or both of those two spare accounts, rather than under any of their 'personal' accounts, but will they be able to do that without installing M365 onto an actual machine?

If they can, they would be able to 'share' the folders from that account to all four of their personal accounts (and to grandparents etc) to be able to view the files.

Has anyone tried this, and did it work?



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    Hi pretty sure that everything is account based. The 1Tb will unlock with a registered account not with installation of Office. You can just use OneDrive with the account and doesn’t require installation of any desktop app to access that OneDrive 1Tb - you just need an activated account.