Credit Card Sign on Bonus?

Hi Team,

I have got some big expenses coming up to furnish a new house (rental) from ground up and wondering if there are any decent credit card sign on bonus going on?

Also welcome your recommendation on furniture stores too : Mocka (free shipping nz wide), iFurniture or bigsave?

Really appreciate what you guys do here. Saved heaps because of you.

Thanks ,


  • I'm not sure about credit card deals at the moment, you've missed the Kiwibank free fee or bonus airpoints deal. Maybe an ANZ cash back Visa would be good.
    We bought furniture earlier this year. We've had Mocka stuff before, it looks good but can be flimsy and is made from MDF which we wanted to avoid this time for personal reasons (chemicals etc). For sofas we wanted natural materials too which was quite tricky, 99% of stuff is polyester.
    We eneded up with really nice wooden bedroom furniture from Furbysh, they're part of Coastwood so it's good stuff but was a bit cheaper and there were discount codes on their site (which seems to be down at the moment). Sofas are NZ made, covered in wool, from Bigsave, they said 8 weeks and it took 10, their communication was terrible (didn't call us back a few times).
    If you're not as picky as us, check out Bigsave, Harvey Norman, Farmers and Smith's City, all had regular sales with big savings while we were looking. Or since you're renting, maybe Trademe or Facebook if you do plan\wish to buy a house in the future.

  • Thanks for your comments @gcnz. Yeah, my first go to is Facebook and trade me but living in small town the options are pretty limited unfortunately. Actually speaking to colleagues, they got some good things to say about Mocka might as well try for some basic furniture.