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Journey 4pc Luggage Set $49.99 (was $99) + Shipping @ 1-Day


3 colors to choose from: black, blue red

Journey 4pc Luggage Set for just $49.99 @1-day

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  • Great deal if you could use them. Booked tickets for 4 to England $5000 last year, tickets today $20,000 plus unknown costs .

  • Notice how they changed the wording beside the price from Today Only to Our Price a while back? I always thought Today Only was a bit misleading seeing as most of the deals came up over and over again on a pretty regular basis. I wonder if it was their decision to change it or if there was a complaint to the CC? I don't remember reading about one.

    • Probably because it's a no name brand that doesn't have a recommended retail price or other retailer selling that brand so the prices are basically made up. $99 seems to be their standard price they discount from. One thing I have found with cheap travel bags is they are quite heavy and in particular cabin bags weighing half the amount you can actually take on board.

      • That's really nothing to do with what I said, but thanks I guess?

        • The words 'our price' or 'today only' really means they have no other retailer to compare it to . In other words they cannot say 'elsewhere $200' when no other NZ retailer sells that product.

          • @pdevonporf: My Mum used to tell me if you don't know what you're talking about it's a good idea to say nothing at all. They used the words Today Only beside pricing on all products on their front page including products available from other retailers, I don't even know how you'd come to the conclusion that it means what you think it means. Forget I asked.

          • @pdevonporf: Ok, if you're right and I'm wrong then can you explain this https://1-day.co.nz/products/samsung-evo-micro-sd-card-64gb?... which is available from multiple other stores in NZ and has both Our Price and Why Pay $34.90 on the products page? And that's just one example of many. Explain to me how I'm in the wrong here and you're right when proof that directly contradicts what you said is right there in front of your own eyes for you to see? Like I said you don't know what you're talking about.

            And 6 months ago this same kind of item would have used the wording Today Only instead of Our Price because nearly every item on their Tech Deals or Homeware Sellout or whatever was on their front page that day used that wording, and what I originally questioned was why they changed the wording and was it possibly because they got done for misleading advertising because the wording implied that items were one off special pricing when they were regularly being offered by them at that price point. I said that because it's a well used sales technique to pressure customers into buying "well I can only do that price for you today" and it's fine to say it but printing it and advertising it comes with a whole lot of rules you need to adhere to.

            • @HmmYepNah: I've had two emails one yesterday one today one was for the travel bag set and today for a Samsung Galaxy Note 10 plus both said 'today only'. So basically, I have answered your question. “ changed the wording and was it possibly because they got done for misleading advertising” So no they haven't got done for misleading advertising . My reference to 'our price' or 'today only' was for the luggage bags and other things 1 -day sells under their own brand or generic no name brand. My point was using those quotes is not misleading as long as they don't say save $200 of rrp on four luggage bags 'today day only'. The SD card is a good example because they have a New Zealand rrp even though the card is a parallel import is still the same product sold in NZ they can quote a discount from another NZ retailers’ price.

              • @pdevonporf: Ok this will be my last post because I'm getting a bit bored and rkl has already answered my original question for me below. I know they still use Today Only, and I may be wrong but I've only seen it used exclusively with their flash sale products that aren't in a regular one or two week rotation on the site, am I right? I don't think they use it on any products in their best of the week or mixer sales or similar sales just on the occasional flash sale? That's why I asked the question because using it on items that are truly flash sale products is a bit different from using it on products that are offered at that price every couple of weeks and sometimes even twice in one week like they do with their regular products like Oreo cookies for example, and my store has been warned in the past by the comcom for doing something kind of similar and I wondered if they were also told to change the wording for their regular product pricing.

                That's why I asked the question in the first place. I got confused with your replies because I was talking about how every item on the site used to use that phrasing for pricing and didn't realize you were just talking about some of the products on the site.

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      Get what you mean, I thought they changed from Today only to our price when they went to the marketplace style online store, how they have multiple sellers and the such.
      Miss the true 1-day style sites from a few years ago. Especially the diamonds in the rough that I never once got…

      • Ok that makes sense, I hadn't been to their site for a while so missed when they changed the layout.