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Hi everyone, I've been a Sky customer for a looong time. Paying full price. What's the best way to get discounts other than threatening to leave?

It seems to me it's cheaper to get Sky through Vodafone, is that correct? If I want to go with that option do I need to give Sky termination notice? Will I need to return the box back to Sky and only use VodafoneTV (i.e. no Sky box) to watch Sky after that? I'm quite a dummy regarding this, please don't be shy to explain the obvious.


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  • Hi, not sure what your current package is but this link shows you the pricing for all the Sky options through Vodafone TV

    • I'm on
      Sky Starter $25.99
      Sky Entertainment $25.50
      Sky Movies $20.93
      My Sky+ (Pace) $20.00
      SoHo free
      Total 92.42

      I wonder if the Vodafone's 'Sky Movies' package of $72.49 is equivalent?

  • And sorry, yes you would need to return the Sky box if you went for that option and subscribe via the Vodafone TV

  • They often post sky deals on the Geekzone forum. Have a look through latest posts.
    Geekzone Forum: Sky, Neon, Lightbox

  • I know you said "other than threatening to leave", but… that's the only way I've gotten anywhere, just sound determined and they'll get a customer retention person to talk to you, keep threatening to leave and then ask for the best deal possible. I got 25% off for this year. Also, just get Neon instead of Sky Movies and Soho, the content is pretty similar. That's also what I did.

    • Thanks. I can probably do this once, but will the threat still be credible next year once the 12-month contract expires? Has anyone tried to do this year after year? I'm quite happy to leave Sky altogether but my partner can't stand any other news channel (other than Sky News).

      • I did that (25% off) after snapping up a 50% discount for new customers from Grabone for the year before (I had cancelled a few months earlier), there were also 50% off deals for existing customers at the time, they were snapped up very quickly. If you are willing to let it go and your partner only likes news, then why pay for Movies and Mysky? I'm in a similar boat, my partner loves UKTV. If I was you, I'd call and threaten to leave, sound determined and they'll arrange someone to call you (who will offer you a deal). Hear them out, ask for more (they might offer some free pay per view movies), then drop Movies with free Soho and maybe MySky if the discount isnt enough. When the 12 months is up, do it again, even if you don't get another deal at least you saved this time around. Seriously consider Neon which is (going up to) $15.99 a month for your Soho and Movie content (only $9.99 if you can bill it through Spark)

        • My partner watches Sky Movies and SoHo too, and uses My Sky for recording. What I meant was that while there were alternatives to Sky Movies, there were none to Sky News, so my partner won't be happy for me to disconnect for 3 months. I wonder if I switch to Vodafone NZ for some time, then will be considered a non-existing customer if I want to re-subscribe directly with Sky?

          • @sunshinenz: If it looks too difficult to move away completely for now, then my suggestion would be to cancel Sky Movies, and subscribe to Neon, NetFlix, or whoever instead. That way, you have begun the move away, and made it easier to make another choice / move away in a few months time.

            Eventually, you might be left paying $60 a month for Sky New only (effectively), which may help your partner come to their senses :-)


            • @Alan6984: Can you believe, we already have Netflix (Ultra), YouTube Premium, Disney +, Amazon Prime, plus Spark Sports and Sky Sports for most of the year (but currently unsubscribed because there's nothing to watch). The shows he wants to watch are scattered everywhere, hence so many subscriptions. Time spent per service is not a lot.

              • @sunshinenz: I love my content, and do have Netflix (cheaper through Spark), Neon (cheaper through Spark and covers the Movie and SoHo content and no need for a recorder), Amazon Prime (reletively cheap) and paid for Disney Plus for a year. We have MySky+, but cut it back to basic + entertainment for the year at the 25% discount, so I do pay a fair amount for content myself. I feel you rpain as I would happily ditch SKY and do what I suggest below, but as I said my partner likes UKTV which has no other way of being legally viewed (even if they would consider downloads, that content is not easy to find).

                Here's something to consider: for any service (this doesn't count for Sky) Cancel each one and they will all run until the end of the current billing cycle. The next time you want to watch something on a particular service, re-pay and then cancel again immediately, again each will last a month. If your partner isn't fussy about watching the latest episodes as soon as they come out, they may find you are only paying a few months of each year instead of every month. I have a friend who only pays for one service at a time, and binges all the shows on that service, then pays for a month of the next one, and so on.

                I stand by getting Neon instead of Sky Movies + Soho, although it will soon be $15.99 a month ($11.99 through Spark), but could be treated the same way.

                Free to Air content can be viewed at TVNZ on Demand (which is simulcast on streaming), TV3 or Freeview on Demand, or recorded with a Freeview recorder to cut ongoing costs.

                • @doubledowndan: Thanks, I'll look into Neon. SoHo is free with Sky Movies so with Neon price increase the savings are not much. I'm actually quite sure I can credibly threaten to disconnect with Sky once, so I'm sure I can get 25% off for a year, but not sure I can use the same trick next year.

                  The only services I can unsub and resub are Sky Sports and Spark Sports. I tried with Disney + but still ended up paying 9 out of 12 months last year. My partner watches shows for work and has a circle of colleagues to discuss shows right after they come out. I'm angered because Sky didn't decrease their sports package after losing the bid to Spark, and we ended paying $35pm extra for Spark Sports. The moment that Sky News is available at an alternative service is the moment we'll ditch Sky, lol.

                  What other services do you have with Spark to get Neon and Netflix? We aren't using them for broadband or mobile.

                  • @sunshinenz: We have Spark Broadband, some mobile plans also qualify. If your partner is required to watch shows, will their work pay for them?

                    • @doubledowndan: We used to have Spark for Fibre, but switched away a few years ago. (I remember paying something like $130pm for Fibre Max incl free Netflix Standard. I wrote to Spark asking for a discount and was offered $10 off pm.)

                      A friend said they had both Neon and Sky Movies + SoHo because the shows don't quite overlap. Neon doesn't have 5.1 which is a deal breaker for my partner. We'll come back to this when Neon supports 5.1. (Btw, some of the subscriptions can be considered business expenses, hence tax deductible for him.)

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