'Go to Deal' Should Open a New Tab


I think it would be useful if we didn't navigate away from the Cheapies site when we click on a deal. I know I can just right-click or use the back button but that's not good UI.



  • i personally would hate if it opened a new tab.
    If i want to open it within a new tab it really isn't that hard.
    I would imagine it would upset more people by forcing this behavior for them rather than giving them the choice.
    perhaps make cheapies your home page if you dont want to open new tabs?

  • Against it myself for desktop use, more acceptable in mobile use

  • just use the middle click on your mouse?

  • I'm against it - trivial to right click, and open new tab if that's what you want. Standard web behaviour is to 'go to' the URL if you left click.

    Same on touch - tap once means 'go to' and long-press, open in new tab, if that's what you want.

  • This setting can be enabled in your User prefs menu. Click my account -> Edit and scroll down to the section shown below.

  • Nice one. Thanks!