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Free Whopper Jr @ Burger King (Excludes Christchurch Airport)


Free Whopper Jr @ Burger King (Excludes Christchurch Airport).

The Breakers got buckets.

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Burger King


  • Sadly they have only scored over 90 3 times this season (89 one time too!).

  • Why is BK CHCH airport always excluded from BK deals? πŸ˜„

    • Because that Branch is most likely owned by HMSHost which incidentally owns also owns KFC at Auckland terminal
      e.g gimmie 5 Not available at KFC Auckland Airport, International Terminal
      I know cause I worked at the kfc there for a month and their staff room is combined with BK's staff room..
      and their management sucks

      • Interesting. Guess they have some sort of exemption in their franchise agreement.

        • Does Burger King actually do franchises in NZ? Thought all their stores were company owned. (I mean by the NZ franchisee of course.) That's that they seemed to imply when their management company went bankrupt. In any case, with a captive market and very high rents it's fairly common for airport stores to be excluded from deals and have higher prices, and not just in NZ. Doesn't really matter who owns them.

          • @Nil Einne: Slightly old article but you're right - in 2019 83/85 BK stores were owned by the one company

            HMSHost operate many franchises at airports worldwide, including Chch and Auckland airports.

            Same supplier as BKNZ but their own franchise agreement perhaps?

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  • Keyword is Fries

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    • Reminder that previous times during the afternoon or evening their promotion site sometimes seemed to unable to cope with the load and it took 1-2 hours to send the coupon. Don't know if they've improved it but you might want want to do the promotion site earlier rather than waiting even if you only plan to redeem later

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  • Thanks for this - on my way to grab my free burger for lunchπŸ”πŸŸ

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  • These seems to be another game tonight!