Free Subway Snack with Purchase of Any Sub, Salad or Wrap Purchase (Membership Required)


FREE Subway snack with purchase of any Sub, Salad or Wrap purchase

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  • What’s a snack mean? Like a cookie?

    • yeah got it the other day. was pleasantly surprised. they have very nice cookies.

    • Subway Snacks range includes Subway Toasties, Ham, Cheese & Tomato Jaffle, Chipotle Quesadilla and Meatball Mozza Pot. Single use only. Excludes delivery. Availability may vary. May not be combined with any other offers, discounts, or special deals. One coupon per guest transaction at participating Subway® restaurants. Reward dollars not available for purchase made using third party delivery platforms.

  • You can just get a free cookie if you complete a 2 minute survey with fake personal information. If you read the details on the bottom of your receipt the next time you buy a sub, it'll have a website called "" or something. Its worked without issue the last 10 times I've had subway. I get the same response from literally every subway sandwich artist - "oh, nobody does this, they don't ever read the receipt yada yada". Maybe use this as well in conjunction for 2 free snacks.

  • This is a great deal. Being a cheapo Cheapie, I always order the Sub of the Day, then chose the free meatball melt snack (most expensive). Combined the meatballs into sub to make the best sandwich ever mmm.

  • Wait, how is this redeemed? Am I just dense? I don't see any coupon or anything, and I don't see anything on the subcard or subwayexpress websites or app… I bought a sub online today and never saw anything about it either during the ordering process (adding a snack manually added to the price) or in the restaurant.