Sony WF-1000XM3 and Pricespy price history, or other true wireless recommendation

Hi everyone, I am in the market for the Sony WF-1000XM3, I have the Sony overear ones however I like the portability and convenience of the true wireless in-ears, and I know the Sony ones are highly regarded.

They're selling on 1-day currently for 249NZD, which seems like a good price but i've been checking pricespy, and I see it was listed in Feburary for $218, does anyone know how this history works? I looked at the price history but no stores have listed it for 218, yet the graph says otherwise.

OR if anyone has any other solid true wireless headphone recommendations, i'm all ears. I can't say that noise cancelling is a selling point for me, as if I really needed noise cancelling, I have the over ear ones, so I could possibly make do without. I had the xiamoi air dots 2 for a while, I ended up losing the case but they were really annoying me since the Bluetooth connection was super unreliable, and I didnt like the buttons on them.



  • Been looking at the Jabra Elite Active 75T units. These have a pretty reasonable water resistant rating and yeah ANC. Water resistant rating is useful if wearing outdoors, (which I'm going to be doing). I currently have a set of the Oppo Enco W31 buds which I got as a Freebie with my Oppo phone. They don't have ANC. These seem to work pretty well with good connection range also. They do cut out occasionally as will most bluetooth buds due to the signal getting blocked by your body or some other thing, (it's only briefly though). They don't have physical buttons, (few do), which is ok-ish but the 'tap' controls aren't that great sometimes either. I previously had a pair of the Airdots 1st version and they were ok and I liked the buttons lol.

    To me call quality is important and the Oppo ones usually work ok. I work outdoors so its often windy and that can be a bit difficult for the person on the other end to hear you but you can hear them very well. I would think that windy, noisy, situations will always be difficult for calls anyway.

    My suggestion is to read the reviews !

    Just to add: be aware the Sony WF-1000XM3 Don't offer water resistance. I think I read the next model - the '4' which is due out very soon will.

  • The xm4s have been out for a little while now and no they don’t offer and water resistance sadly. I have the xm3s and love them to bits.