[PC] Free - 3 out of 10: Season 2 @ Epic Games


The next Epic freebie is here.

3 out of 10: Season 2

Caffeinated super-powers, sentient AIs, and rival game studios all stand in the way of Shovelworks studios as they struggle to finally make a game that scores better than “3 out of 10”. Will this be the Season that they finally do it?

This will be free for quite some time. Season one is also available for free.

Next weeks Epic freebies:
- Ken Follett's The Pillars of The Earth
- Deponia: The Complete Journey
- The First Tree

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  • This is always free and isn't limited to just this week.

    • Yep in description. Didn't it just become available now though, or was it free before today?

      • I just meant there is no expiry date on this.

        • Ahh I got you. I'll change it.

          • @Wakrak: Yeah it's a little different from normal freebies. But although it has no expiry it did just become available and it's a real free game not F2P or only free so you'll buy all the DLC/in game items (from the last one, they might sell a soundtrack eventually) I assume made with some funding from Epic hence why it's exclusive there.

            Also happy that Epic looks to be starting to give away Daedalic games (I think I have most that interest me, but it'll increase exposure).