Free Delivery Saver for 30 Days on Orders over $80 (New Subscribers Only) @ Countdown


This may be targeted but countdown are running a campaign offering free deliveries for one month on orders over $80.

The link is the direct link from the ad.

Unsure if offer available to current delivery saver subscribers.

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  • Looks like it works for everyone, sneaky though because they will charge you for the next month if you forget to cancel before the 30 days is over.

    • Cool thanks for confirming.

      Doesn’t look like it works for existing subscribers:

      Your old delivery saver is still in effect! You can come back to sign up to the upgraded Delivery Saver after <date>

  • guessing its a 30day trial only and not actually free month you can purchase coz this is what comes up

    $23.00per month
    +30 days free trial
    Recurring payment, cancel at anytime

    6 Monthly
    $118.00per 6 months
    +30 days free trial
    Equivalent of NZ$19.67 a month
    Recurring payment, cancel at anytime

    • Yea definitely

      "You will get 30 days free when subscribing to Delivery Saver. If you sign up to the Monthly Delivery Saver you will get billed for 30 days ($23) at the end of your 30 Day Free Trial. For the 6 Monthly Delivery Saver, you will get billed for 180 days ($118) at the end of your 30 Day Free Trial. You will only get this 30 Day Free Trial once; if you re-subscribe or change subscription terms you won't get another 30 Day Free Trial."

  • Thanks for the post. My only concern when "someone else does my shopping" is when I buy produce, I can't tell the freshness

    • Yes, the best you can do is put "Pick the fresh ones only" or something similar on the order notes.

    • Yeah this happens a bit. Whenever I end up with produce that’s simply not what I would pick, I just use the online bot to process a claim and it always just sends a refund. Still an inconvenience though. I feel like it’s gotten better over the years….

    • Hence I usually order groceries and pick up from store then buy produces on my way. Side tracked slightly…