Register and Receive a Free T-Shirt @ Bookathon


Register and Receive a Free T-Shirt at Bookathon.

We'd love your kids to REGISTER for the first EVER Great Kiwi Bookathon - it's quick & easy PLUS register now and get a FREE T-Shirt. It's the BIGGEST, BEST chance to get kids excited about reading.

And yes, adults can register too to receive a free t-shirt, although they are only available in children's sizes.

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  • The Great Kiwi Bookathon is all about bringing the love of books to your kids and inspiring them to read. Children read the books they love during the month of June and raise money for children who are blind, deafblind or have low vision and their families, so they have a great start in life and can get on with living life.

    They really want people to take part and raise money. Not sure this is a good way to get a free shirt if you are not planning on taking part and raising them some money. Its a blind children charity!

    • Exactly, After checking their website and the donations from nana's it's inhuman to milk them for free stuff.

  • I don't see the problem in posting this. I had never heard of it and probably wouldn't have had this not been posted. I signed my son up to motivate him to read more. Cheers for the post OP!

  • I would donate directly to Starship hospital

  • Awesome, thanks for sharing!

  • it's good to support them. not a good idea though to get free stuff lol!

  • First 1500 only get a T Shirt.