Free - The Story of the ZX Spectrum; Ocean Software; Fusion 64; Commodore Amiga in Pixels PDF @ Fusion Retro Books


Limited time offer. Free PDF books of the following releases:

  • The history of Ocean Software
  • The story of the Commodore Amiga in Pixels
  • The story of the Commodore 64 in pixels
  • The Story of the Oliver Twins
  • The Little Book of ZX Spectrum Games
  • FUSION 64
  • FUSION Annual 2020
  • FUSION Annual 2021
  • The Collected Adventures of Jetman
  • Retro Fusion Issue 0
  • Retro Fusion Issue 1
  • Retro Fusion Issue 2
  • FUSION - Resident Evil
  • FUSION - Dizzy
  • CRASH - 30-page Sampler issue
  • ZZap! 64 Micro Action Issue 1 - 28-page Sampler
  • Crash 2018 PDF

Thanks to RichH6109 at HotUKDeals

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  • Takes me back to 1983 like it was yesterday - I still love my Spectrum!

    Seems odd now that I was still using it, albeit less often I guess, right up to the point when I was online with email, and logging into MUDs, by 1990.


  • Blast from the past for some forum members here 🙂

    • Somehow it all seemed easier when you used assembly code, and when you wanted a pixel on the screen, you just wrote a value to a memory address to tell it what colour and brightness you wanted! :-)