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x1 Soothe & Heal (Eczema/Dry Skin) Soap $0.90 Delivered (w. $15.90) @ The Herb Farm


To get the discount code, you have to wait for a sign up box to randomly appear bottom right of the screen. A bit of luck is involved. The code is generic though so I've posted it here to save you time.

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A therapeutic natural soap for eczema that helps to soothe and heal itchy dry skin while gently cleansing.
- A safe and effective natural soap for all the family to use including babies.
- High in Omega 3 fatty acids from organic flax seed oil to help moisturise and repair the skin.
- Helps to soothe and calm itchy skin with the soothing properties of coconut, blackcurrant, pumpkin seed and evening primrose oil.
Palm oil free.


The Herb Farm has been creating 100% natural products for over 27 years and each formulation has been lovingly created to help solve your specific skin problems and concerns.

Bonus: If you live in Whangamata, Contain Boutique also has a $10 sign up code with no minimum spend. It's $5 for shipping but there's also an the option to pick up locally. Those 2 soaps in the link are the only items I could find under $10. Free soap for Whangamatarians.

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  • Thanks for posting - the little one has a bit of dry skin. Can’t wait to try it out.😊

  • FYI, I know someone who has ordered from this store in the past and she reckons that they're pretty slack when it comes to communication. Don't be surprised if a bar of soap arrives at your front door without receiving an email or tracking number.

  • Has anyone received there order yet? I have not got a confirmation or received anything from them yet.