Looking for Free Wooden Pallets in Auckland for an Outdoor Party

Hi all! Just wondering which stores give out nice wooden pallets for free?


  • Best to ask on your local facebook page

  • Plus you didn't tell us what part of the country you are in

    • Thanks! I’ve updated the title

      • Which part of Auckland? Drive around industrial areas with large warehouses. There's plenty of pallets out at the front. You have to ask if they are free or not.

  • Kings plant barn give away good pallets.
    please check with the nearest plant barn.

  • Not sure I would use pallets for outdoor furniture - most of them are very much rough sawn, and have loads of splinters etc.

    You could sand them, but the time and effort might be more than its worth compared to what you could earn elsewhere.

    I have no idea where from, but you could look into renting stuff for a day?


    • I was under the impression they were going to be on fire instead? Most pallets are untreated pine so it's probably OK…

      • Could be, in which case you would be right.

        I was thrown by the OP wanting 'nice' wooden pallets.


  • I have a pile at work (Wairau Valley, north shore) that you're welcome to.
    Was planning on getting rid of them by end of week

  • Thanks all! I managed to get some from plant barn - they were slightly rough but I threw some plastic table covers on them and it did the job. Thanks again.