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$10 off $50 or $20 off $100 When Paying with Zip


Get $10 off your Zip purchase over $50; or
Get $20 off your Zip purchase over $100
when you shop using Zip online or instore at any Zip Merchant between 12:01am Friday 19th March 2021 and 11:59pm Sunday 21st March 2021 (“Promotion Period”). Only one Coupon Code can be applied per Zip customer.

I'm pretty sure you can stack this with the market coupon codes for additional savings.

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    Works with $5 off $50 and free shipping at The Warehouse; $55 - $5 - $10 = $40.

    • What's the $5 off $50? The hyperlink just takes to free shipping?

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        Whoops. Link here

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          Thanks, yeah found it after searching as well lol

  • I presume you have to actually pay with Zip to use the coupon?

    • Yes

  • Great for places that don't have sales, like Bunnings

    • Mighty Ape also started using Zip, so you can stack it with their daily deals and clearance specials

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    Take advantage of The Markets refer a friend scheme, copy your own referral link into an incognito window, then create a new account (you may need to use a family member’s number or put a spare sim into your phone to verify the account)

    Once that’s done, your alt account and main ‘The Market’ account’s will both have a $20 off an $100 order coupon.

    Put $120 worth of goods into your Market cart, and pay via zip. Enter your “ZIP20” promo code for another $20 off your order.

    Leaving you having to pay a total of $80 for $120 worth of goods/product. 😎

    Note: ALTERNATIVELY you can add $60 worth of goods to your Market cart and get them for $40.

    “REShPpeAj” for $10 off order’s $49+ and pay via ZIP using “ZIP10” for another $10 off your order.

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    Do you apply the zip code when you log into the zip website?

    I assume this is the case as its not working for me on the market, warehouse etc..

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      Yes that’s correct. Once you go through onto the ZIP website there’s a coupon code field.

  • Another useful place to take advantage of these coupons is Bunnings.
    You can easily match with the minimum order

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      Can you clarify on that?
      Do you mean they will match the lowest discounted price from other retailers after applying coupon(s)… + 15% off as part of price guarantee? :P

      • Certainly that's not what I meant. I'm sure you know that. ;)
        I meant the minimum order set by Zip ($50 & $100).

        • Ah right. Didn't know Bunnings has Zip payment too lol.

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            @fretrunner11: They have now added Zip payment at their self checkouts, which is terrific because the queues at their regular checkouts are a nightmare.

            • @The Hound: They have self checkout now?!? Man, been awhile I've visited Bunnings haha

              • @fretrunner11: For Auckland yes, the place is too crowded lol. Gotta keep things moving.

    • Zip at Bunnings is the goods. Took advantage of the original $20 off $50 Zip promotion + Powerpass prices and got two Zamioculas for $33.

  • Repco has a 20-25% off sitewide sale going on right now. Until March 23rd.

    • Repco is using Afterpay, not Zip. Bloody confusing eh? There's too many of these after-pay-day services at the moment.

      • oh true. They must've been a member in the past. I just googled Repco and Zip together and it came up on both sites, but I didn't bother going through the checkout process. You're right though; Afterpay and Laybuy.

  • There's a second period available so if you haven't used these codes you can until Sunday.

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