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Free BK Chicken Burger with Photo of Uncut BK Chicken @ Burger King


Free BK Chicken Burger with Photo of Uncut BK Chicken at Burgerking.

If you spot an uncut BK Chicken in-restaurant or in our ads, upload a photo below and we’ll give you a coupon for a free, cut-in-half, BK Chicken in your BK App.
(I've made the job a little easier for you by uploading an image of an uncut bk chicken).

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  • lol hilarious

  • +3

    FYI… Free bk chicken arrived in my app in about 5 minutes.

  • Thank you sir. Lunch sorted.

  • Nice one OP!

  • +2

    Choice Fatties!!!

    • If you're on a diet you only need to eat half. It's made so easy in-fact that bk will now cut it in half for you. Eat half, bin half 😜

      • +1

        eat half give away half :P

        .#nowastingfood #freekarma

        • +3

          Eat half. Eat second half.

      • +1

        This reminds me of half sandwich from Sheldon Cooper (TBBT)

    • +3

      There should be a pop up disclaimer….. "You will gain a significant amount of weight upon entering ChoiceCheapies. I AGREE"

      • AKA ChoiceFatties!

  • -1

    Where do I get this damn photo

    • +1

      Click the 'view image' link. Top right of this post. Screenshot it and upload it to the website.

  • Cheers mate! voucher already in the app!

  • if taking a screenshot I recommend cropping url if visible

  • About time somebody did something about this ruins my day when I get an uncut bk chicken.

  • When trying to upload. The photo must be an image. lol wat?

  • Can this photo be uploaded in app as well or just the website?

    • Just website as far as I know. Coupon gets sent pretty quick

      • thanks, will do that now :)

  • Thanks for posting - used picture provided and took 5 mins to appear in app. Odd though that the deal in app describes it as an "uncut free BK chicken". Wonder if it will arrive cut or uncut…

    • Hi where in app did you upload this picture?

      • +1

        I used the website link mentioned above in the post (not the app)

    • can confirm they cut the burger!

  • +3

    For all of you Choice Chubbies out there, don't forget this BK half price hump day chicken tenders deal to go with your free bk chicken.

    • Wow big deal πŸ˜‰

      • Wow. Big deal.

    • How do you redeem hump day deals?

      • The hump day deals (Wednesday) are listed on the website (and have an app push). Simply go instore (or drive through) and place your order. The deal is automatically priced accordingly in their system.

  • Anyone having trouble redeeming this in the app? Says "Oops! One or more products in this coupon are no longer available"

    • Ah man hope all ok gonna go redeem mine in 1/2 hour.

      • Same here!

      • +1

        It worked using the redeem in store option

  • +1

    I just redeemed the burger without any problem.

  • -1

    I redeemed 5 of these yesterday, 2 I ended up feeding to the birds because after eating 3 the idea of another chicken nugget sandwich got frankly disgusting.

    • I'm now waiting on a down vote from you because you couldn't get through all five πŸ˜‚

    • wow, you presented 5x smartphones at the front counter? lol

    • Yea how did you do it? My local BK gave me an uncut BK chicken when I redeemed πŸ˜‚ I went to try and upload a photo of it and it says only one entry per email?

      • Upload the photo to a new account with a variation of your email. If you're with Gmail add a dot (.) anywhere in the first part of your email address (before the @ part).
        Also, do you know about the free meal after a $5 spend on a new bk app account?

        • Do I have to make a new account on the app as well that matches the email that I put when I upload the photo?

          No did not know about this free meal! Thanks man 😁

          • @Frugalgal: Yes, that's correct. New account with your updated email address.
            All good. Simply spend (on your new account) $5 and unlock 490 bk crowns. This many crowns will get you a complimentary combo meal πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ

  • +1

    Wonder what the next '100 upvotes' deal will be. Last one I could find was back in 2018. Meridian got close in 2019

    • Impossible to know. This post has just under 3000 click throughs with potentially thousands of free burgers yet as of this moment… 54 upvotes

      Can you find the highest ever upvote post?
      Edit: just saw you mention 'Last one I could find'

      • I only went as far back as 2017. 2015-2017; prizes were weekly rather than monthly.

        Just found the stats page. You and I battling it out in 7th and 8th for most deal posts πŸ€Όβ€β™‚οΈ. Guessing the 'most popular deals' is only up to 2018 though since it's missing Meridians deal. If so, then yeah, 102 is tops.

        The record over at OzBargain is 2840

    • +1

      im calling it now, the next 100 upvote deal "55% off everything at briscoes".

      • & a free cardboard cutout of the Briscoes lady. Limited stock. Only 5 million available. First in first served.

      • And here he is… The man, the legend, the number 3 top poster… nachos!!!

        • +1

          i'd like to think i'm number 1 top poster!, as the 2 above me are moderators which i'm sure shouldn't count!
          anyway i'd like to thank my fans, my kids at home watching this and of course [insert religious beliefs here], sorry they are playing the music so gotta run.

  • +1

    We really are kiwi battlers haha.
    The three directly above us aren't active (or are disabled).
    DisabledUser968 (551 deals)
    Shaw (383 deals)
    tightarse-nz (298 deals)

    OzB is like a different world. I don't spend much time on it.

    People obviously love free coffee β˜•

  • +2

    Shame on those that got this burger and haven’t upvoted it!

  • +1

    My local store refused to honour the coupon today. They claimed that I needed to show them an uncut burger (wtf?!) And then and only then am I entitled to a burger. Did anyone else encounter this? Any suggestions what I should do from here? Truth be told it is the novelty of it rather than the burger that initially interested me but now it's the principle.

    • Most likely an isolated incident, as that staff can't read.

      • They can't put a burger together straight, how they gonna read terms and conditions..

    • Use the app and do online order

  • FYI. This deal is still current. If you've already used it it's easy enough to make it work again with the gmail dot placement.

    • FWIW the deal is ending on 19th but the coupon is valid until 30th. Also the coupon seems to get sent very quickly even at 3am on a Saturday suggesting there's probably no manual review normally unless they send it then only review it later. Maybe you can trigger a manual review somehow, I'm not going to test it. As I doubt Burger King NZ would bother to develop a sophisticated AI to detect uncut BK chicken photos, this probably means it doesn't matter what you send or maybe it's very very simple. I'm not suggesting people send nonsense, since you can still just go to their coupon page and find uncut BK Chickens it's a bit silly.

  • Spending $5 get the 490 Gold, how much needs to spend for the 750 Platinum?

    • +1

      At normal rates roughly $37.14 including the $5 (since they give you points for the spend as well at the free 490). However when they have triple points over the weekend which they do regularly (look out for push notifications), it's only about $12.38. Since they also normally have single use BOGO app coupons which last over a month on their promotional items and when these are special burgers these tend to be around $12.50 or more, it's actually quite easy to get Platinum in one go if you have a new account sometimes.

  • Why do all stores have a page listing terms and conditions for this? Including at one drive through. It mentions something like you have to be served a burger and then show them the burger not a photo of the uncut burger and then they will give you a free burger. So like what? You have to buy one and if it is uncut you bring it back to them to inspect and then they get you a cut one?!

    • Look at bottom half of page. It says you can enter online and get coupon via app. Way less hassle and takes seconds.

  • +1

    Closed now fatties, No more free burgers.

    • +1

      Thank you BK. It had been a wonderful 3 years…

  • +1

    Hands up if this deal helped you to become the choice chubbie you've always wanted to become?

    Deal expired πŸ‘

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