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Apple Products Now Available on Airpoints Store ($RRP)


Looks like a large selection of Apple’s hardware catalogue is now available on the Airpoints store, priced at normal retail price but in Airpoints dollars.

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • MacBook
  • iMac
  • Apple TV
  • Apple Watch

Some accessories (e.g. Apple Pencil, AirPods) available too.

Good way to use your Airpoints balance as normally tech is limited and/or priced higher than what you can find in stores.

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    • +2

      Big deal. Start churning credit cards, get bonus airpoints for signing up, convert airpoints to apple products then cancel.

  • +7

    I'd consider this a deal.
    You can use the currency you get for free, that commonly can only buy things at an inflated rate, to now buy something not at an inflated rate.

  • +1

    consider this a deal too, have been looking for a way to get rid of my airpoints

    • yep, Ive been spending up big at Mitre 10 as you can use airpoints to pay instore.

  • +2

    Great deal now I have something other than mitre10 vouchers to buy

  • good deal! has anyone tried the 400 airpoints bonus from AmEx? I am intersted in getting one.

    • yes worth it = buy it and get 400 points - (cost for 150) buy airpods gen 2 for 270 arpoints - cancel card and 120 points left over

      • Free airpods with education pricing on selected ipads/macbooks on apple website :)

    • +3

      The 400 points are added after you spend $1500 in the first 3 months with the Amex . card fee of $195 pa . Other Amex benefit like lounge and insurance are not really applicable rn.

      consider cancel the card, and wait for future new user bonus 400 offer to sign up again (have not tried this latter bit).

    • Yes,

      Just cancelled mine after 12 months. Well worth it, if you do sign up make sure you keep it for the entire 12 month term as you often get free member benefits.

      Mitre10 is another great place to spend airpoints.

    • I called to cancel mine (a few months ago) before the 12 months and they offered me to stay on with the $0 fee (white card) card and a bonus 150 airpoints. They recently sent me another email (for existing customers) to upgrade to the platinum for a bonus 400 points ($195 p.a fee) which I need to do before the end of this month and then cancel again in 11 months.

      • Do you have to pay $195 fee up front or can you get away without paying a cent if you cancel before 12 months?

      • @stubblyprawn Man that's nice offer by Amex. Just to clarify was it Amex Platinum that you were cancelling?

        And what's "white card"? Is there different tier cards for Amex Platinum? Or are you referring to the free Amex card (Airpoints card)?

        When I joined Amex few years ago, I was originally on the free year of Platinum Edge then downgraded to the free Airpoints card. They were kind enough to convert Amex points into Airpoints as one time offer back then.

        People tend to avoid Amex but the essential shops (supermarkets and petrol stations) does have Amex so annual-fee-free Airpoints card is just the best in my opinion. When Amex is not supported, I just use again free reward earning Visa card.

  • I went to cancel my card before the 12th months was up and was given another $300 of airpoints to not cancel which covers the fee with $105 left over.

    • Out of interest, did you use the card beyond the $1500 needed to activate the bonus?

      • I did but I got the impression when I cancelled that it was usual practice to offer an incentive to keep the card, curious to see what happens next time round.

        • They didn't offer me anything at 12month cancel :( Milked about $2000 Airpoints total, but never paid a cent in interest

  • Anyone know if Apple’s returns policy applies to products purchased via the Airpoints store? Specifically the 14 day any reason refund policy?

  • How often is this 400 free airpoints promotion, 1-2 times a year? I'm taking up a new mortgage, so can't apply for a platinum card at the moment :(

  • the Amex platinum charges the whole annual fee on your first statement which you going to receive a month and half after you start using the card.

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