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Edifier R1280T Bookshelf Powered Speakers - $99 @ The Market


I have a pair of these small powered speakers. Fab sound for the size. The have two RCA inputs and I have connected one to a Raspberry Pi based streamer, and the other to an audio Chromecast so that you can stream anything to them. Satisfactory bass for the size. Best put on stands if you have the room but equally good beside a TV or computer. Just great wee speakers and now only $99 (or less if you can find a coupon).

No 1 seller in their class at amazon:


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    There's a 'spend $100 get $10 off' coupon if you buy through The Warehouse app.*

    *giveit perks

  • Oh cool!

  • good price for these, only been that price once back in 2019, they often hit $119 on sale based on pricespy info.

  • Would this be good for a TV over a soundbar? I imagine controlling volume might suck and require 2 remotes, but maybe the sound quality is better. Also I'm guessing it won't automatically turn on with the TV

    • A soundbar of an equivalent price you mean? I would say so. These are a bit weak on the low end, but make up for it with clarity. They're really nice for the price. I wound up upgrading to the 1700s for the bluetooth but preferred the sound from these

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      Be careful with your tv outputs. Most modern TVs have optical out, hdmi ARC and a headphone socket. These only have RCA inputs and probably work best with a line level output. So you'd have to plug these in to the headphone jack on the TV to work which isn't a line out output.

      A soundbar or speakers made for a TV are just a bit easier. If connected via arc over hdmi they should power on and let you control volume with the TV remote. I feel like these are really more designed for listening to music or pc use when you'll be near them.

    • I wouldnt use these to replace soundbars. Their frequency response just cant compare evenn with some of the cheaper soundbars.

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    Made an account to say thanks, this is a good deal.

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    The $10 off $100 coupon mentioned above. Just add a $1 item to your cart so the speakers can qualify. Makes them $90 collected

    • How do you get the code version of the coupon like you have here?

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        Activate the offer through the app then check your cart on the website, it'll list the code there

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    I have the R1280DB version of this, which includes digital input and bluetooth. They sound amazing, especially for the price! Looks like the DB version isn't available in NZ right now, but these are a good alternative if you are happy with analogue input.

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      I think Dick Smith /Kogan have the R1280DB version for $119. Would have been good to purchase it during the "free shipping" deal a week ago!

  • Damn i literally just bought the DB version of this for $145 a few days ago. Although I got the brown ones instead.

  • A good breakdown of these: https://youtu.be/_PRXwrgTo-0

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    With referrer link these will be $80 and free delivery….

    • How? thank you

  • With Moode Audio you can apply EQ to improve the frequency response.


  • thanks for this deal @kiwipaul, these are legit!

  • Used the referral to get these for $79 pickup, how good is that! Can confirm the audio quality is sooooo much better than Logitech. I've hooked these up with the Logitech sub and its the perfect balanced sound.

    • +1

      Agree that they are a total bargain. If you check out this thread you can see the EQ required to make them even better.
      You can do this with software on a PC, or, as I did, using the EQ feature in Moode Audio. Failing that, turn the bass and treble down a touch to emphasis the mid range.


  • Deal is expired …. i just got mine today, they are amazing for $79, even bass is good given the size.

    Went to buy 2 more, but , price back to normal.

    Respect to the referrer :)

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