Gull Discount and Mobil Price Match

Mobil used to have price match to Gull price drop except 25 February 2021, anyone know if Mobil not doing price match again ? Every time when Gull has price drop, its always long wait, it would be really good if Mobil has this price match save a lot of waiting time.

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  • I recall a few times that Mobil didn't match prices when Gull have had deals more than 10c/litre .
    I guess wait until next month to see what happens.

    • Thank you for sharing, I always pop to Mobil when I can instead of waiting for 20 to 30 minutes to get through the line at Gull,

      • Wow! I have never had to wait more than a few mins at Gull even on a discount day.

        What area are you in?

        I have tended to go to Ti Rakau Drive, Te Irirangi Dr, or East Tamaki Rd - all in Auckland.


        • I am more often on East Coast Road, long wait, as it's most closer to me, or I need to pop up to Albany. Thank you for sharing,