Kiwiwallet - Confirmed vs Payable

Anyone know why I have money in the 'confirmed cashback' category that is not in the 'payable cashback' category?

I asked via their website but no reply, there's nothing in the FAQ about it it basically says once confirmed it's able to be paid.

The confirmed amount was from November last year.

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  • Confirmed means they know the transaction and accepted it.
    Payable is only after any refund / return periods have lapsed. Usually 3-12 months.
    Does take ages, but its free money so just wait it out.

  • They make you wait so they don't take a double hit if fraud happens(ie losses could be severe if they immediately paid the cashback provider and it was a stolen credit card used).

    3/4 months is pretty standard for VPN cashback deals in my experience on other platforms, typically a site you purchased from or the cashback site tells you how long the period is before you make any purchase.

  • Thanks for replies, I guess they need to update what their website says as it's not what happens.

    Pending: status means that your transaction has successfully been tracked by us.
    Confirmed: retailers confirms the successful transactions, this means you can now withdraw your confirmed cashback using provided withdrawal option.
    Declined: cashback status means that the cashback has been denied by the retailer.

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      We are sorry for the confusion and outdated help; in fact we are deprecating our existing help. We are updating our help using Zendesk and will be integrated with our website over the coming weekend. Zendesk will enhance our interaction and communication with our users with rich features of the Knowledge base, ticketing system and customer self-help portal. You can find the answer to your query here

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