Your Favourite Store for Online Shopping?

Just wondering, which store is your favourite for online shopping?

My favourite is probably The Warehouse: fast shipping (usually overnight delivery), frequently issues free shipping codes, free click and collect, easy returns for refunds in store, frequent discount codes (e.g. $5 off $50 spend), allows code stacking, gives out free shipping codes for non-fulfilment.

What I think they can do better: should send out a return form which can be used for return drop-off or posting returns back to a central address (like Ezibuy, Ezibuy is great on this); sometimes they use too much packaging materials (e.g. use a big box for a small item).

My least favourite is Farmers: slow shipping, expensive shipping (I can live with free shipping for over $100 or free click and collect for over $50, but they don't even do that), no code promotions ever, only issues gift cards for returns. Their system also sucks: if someone adds an item to their cart, that item will immediately become unavailable to another shopper even though the item only sits in the cart all days without being purchased. Their system only automatically clears carts overnight (used to not clear carts at all as far as I could tell). I wonder how much of their sales comes from online??? I still use Farmers because they stock higher-quality stuff that is not available at The Warehouse, but I just don't like their online shopping at all.


  • Yeah have to agree with the warehouse, some good deals with stacking have been had, was even better in the past. Those free shipping codes are great, the market has helped heaps with their free shipping and promo codes on top of the warehouse specials.
    Agree with farmers, they haven't featured at all for a long while, guess they get by with the average customer buying their overpriced goods. Similar clock work predictable Briscoe type sales which always amazes me why people fall for that. Smiths city is another sad case, not sure what substitutes for running a company these days but they aren't it. Ebgames/ kmart websites annoying as hell.. I could go on!

  • when is amazon coming….

  • Okay not cheap but Landsend, a USA company, has such good quality clothing I find difficult to wear out, Have 20 year old T shirts and smart casual shirts for example that still look fresh.

    Trick is to shop off season and their 'sale' goods are our coming season and their 'on the counter' buys are almost giveaway.