Dell Reps to Help with Price Match?

I ordered an Alienware AW3821DW from Dell on December 26th for $2200.64 after applying a coupon code. I'm still waiting for it to ship. Since ordering, that monitor was posted on here as being on sale, combined with a coupon code, I had it in my cart for as low as $1747.56.

I contacted Dell via their web site around the first week of February and requested a price match, or to let me know if they couldn't price match to cancel the order and I would re-order the display at the lower cost as I was still waiting for it to even ship.

I got a reply today stating that it's outside of the 30 days so I can't get a price match the sale price or even the current lower price. I called into a rep and am trying to get it sorted but just wanted to see if any Dell reps on here can help out. The monitor is currently on sale for $1941.74. I told Dell that if they can't price match to cancel the order but that seems like a lot of faffing around when a simple refund would sort this out.


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