Indie RTS list and a fan rehosted former AAA RTS! (8 Bit Armies, War Party, Empires Apart, ModuWar, AOEO)

So first off I'm a pretty ordinary youtube/twitch content creator, but my specialty and origin has been indie and fan supported RTS.

Thought I might make mentions of the indies:

8 Bit Armies (steam: - Voxel RTS that feels a lot like Command and Conquer 3. 2 factions in the base game and has 2 expansions that have 2 factions each additional. Campaigns for all factions as well as a challenge mode. Has the standard solo skirmish, as well as online Ranked PvP and Unranked/Ranked/Vs AI custom lobbies. Does allow for map editing and even has in game map downloading. - Gameplay -

Warparty (steam: Dinosaur RTS that plays like a mix of Warcraft 3, Age of Mythology and Starcraft (minus the air units). 3 factions. Solo skirmish, Ranked PvP queues, Unranked/vs ai lobbies, a horde mode and campaign. No map editor. - Gameplay -

Empires Apart (Free to Play! - steam: - Freemium RTS that plays like Age of Empires 2, that's reminiscent of Age of Empires Online in business model, though there is certainly a shake up in the baseline technology tree. 1 faction available free to play (Byzantines), and the other 6 either earn-able ingame for 4 "civilization fragments", found from completing quests (for various tasks ingame) or for direct purchase. - Gameplay -

ModuWar (to be released, demo available now - steam: - A truly unique up and comer with 3 factions and a modular unit tech tree. Aside from a master structure, the 3 factions of Modu have a blurred line between unit and building based on number and role of modu-units augmented into one larger alien soldier thing. - Gameplay -

And finally, the fan-revived title is Age of Empires Online, restored in all it's glory and then some (hoh boy, let me tell you!) thanks to the Project Celeste ( development team. It's back entirely free to play and is not affiliated nor endorsed by Microsoft, but is doing everything within the scope of Microsoft's Game Content Usage Rules. - Gameplay - Install guide -

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