Vacuum Hose for Shopvac

Hey guys,

For a while now I've been looking to swap out the hose on my shopvac to something with a slightly smaller diameter but longer hose for use with power tools.

For reference Makita sell their 3.5m hose for $100+ which is 28mm ( After quite a bit of searching I've not really come up with anything much cheaper, even in a larger diameter.
I am not worried about the fittings themselves as they are easy enough to source/remove from existing hose.

One thing I did come accross was this:

Which to me would appear to be the same sort of thing as your normal vacuum hose which is exactly what I want and it's the right diameter too. From what I can tell it's used in caravans for waste or sewerage so I don't know if that means it'll be less flexible?

Anyway I was wondering if anyone else out there has done something similar to their shopvac and had found something better?