Amazon shipping to New Zealand

how much is shipping to buy goods from Amazon and shipping to New Zealand ? any Amazon free shipping to New Zealand ?

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  • The products page should have a price if it's available(assuming you are signed in).

  • depends on supplier and product, no free shipping that I am aware of.

  • Lots of sellers (unless directly sold and sent by Amazon) won't send to NZ despite what the actual product page says.
    I've found to find the true cost of shipping to NZ, you have put it into your cart and go through some of the checkout steps until it displays if it can or cannot be sent and it gives you the option to remove the item. I believe it is the 2nd step after confirming your shipping address.

  • Usually $20 to $40 depending on what you are buying.
    Amazon is great - lots of things do ship to NZ.

  • Assuming that you already registered, make sure to add your NZ address as your default delivery address and set the currency to $NZD. Now when you search or browse items it will show the "Ships to New Zealand" whenever the seller offer shipping to NZ.

  • I miss the days of Their shipping was only NZD$10 or so, but the GST change killed that.
    Has anyone tried

  • Amazon used to every year have "Free Shipping to New Zealand" for about 2 weeks… aint been one of those in a couple of years :(

    Those were great :D

    Also, just login to your account and it will tell you shipping to NZ on the product page of the items. That total will not include GST which will get added on in the cart/checkout.

  • Try youshop through nz post website it gives you a usa address to ship to then they contact you about how much
    It costs to ship to nz they have added gst all information on the website have been using this for a couple of years with no issue cheers