Personal Locator Beacon?

Personal locator beacons; they are expensive (and obviously worth every cent if you were in the unfortunate position where you needed to use it) but, just wondered if there are any recommendations on what is best value PLB?
Would be used for hunting/hiking.

Do PLB's ever go on sale? I see Torpedo 7 sells some, not sure if they would ever be included when they have their sales?
Thanks in advance.


  • They are worth every penny, I have the rescueMe and goes on all hunts, hikes, mountain bike trips - its tiny!

    Here is the best priced option however you need to read the fineprint before buying.

    • Look no further and follow this wise advice above as I was going to suggest the same. It is Australian coded but that makes little difference. Only difference is you use the Australian registration database which is very good to use to update details when doing big trips. Does not matter where the PLB is from the local rescue service will still be respondjng at the same speed.