[iOS, Android] Free: 3 Months of MyFitnessPal Premium (Normally US$10/~NZ$14 Per Month) @ MyFitnessPal


MyFitnessPal is free however they have a Premium subscription which usually costs US$9.99/month or US$49.99 yearly.

iOS - Android

Feature Free Premium
Nutrition Tracking (Log your food from our extensive database.)
Customizable Carbs, Protein & Fat Goals (Track your macros by gram or percentage.)
Guided Fitness & Nutrition Plans (Get coaching and content to achieve your goals.)
Custom Home Screen Dashboard (Reach goals faster by seeing what’s important to you.)
Food Analysis & Insights (Follow your progress through your data.)
Meals & Recipes (Learn how to eat with your goals in mind.)
Ad-Free Experience (Focus on your fitness and nutrition without ads.)
Subtract Exercise Calories (Adjust your day’s calorie goal automatically.)
Quick-Add Carbs, Fat & Protein (Log your meals quickly and easily.)
File Export (Download CSV files of all your progress.)


Cancel your subscription / auto-renewal before the 3 months is up. Cancel by going to [Settings] -> [Subscription Settings] Auto-Renewal at the bottom and select [Off]. The membership end date should appear red, refresh the page to ensure it applied correctly.

Only works if you are on the free plan. If you are already on a premium plan then no soup for you.

via Maglia Nera at OzBargain

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