Outdoor furniture deals on boxing day?

Hi all,

I always try to avoid boxing day shopping but this year I will need to get some outdoor furniture sets (6 seater couch). Just wondering if it's worth the hassel tomorrow.

Also if anyone can recommend some quality but not too pricey brands/shops for outdoor furnitures that would be really helpful.

Merry Christmas and happy saving!


This is part of Boxing Day Sales for 2020


  • Mitre10 has that $15 gift card per $100 spend promo, otherwise you might be hard pressed to find a sale during summer for that kind of thing.

    • 100$ with 15$credit that's actually less than 15% off. Still looks pricey on the website. Will check those out especially in comparison to briscoes.


      • How are you getting it to be less than 15%?

        • +1

          I assume their logic is that since you're forced to spend the $15 at mitre 10 it's effectively $15 off $115 spent. If it was cash you received it would be 15% off

          • @BJ: Not sure the maths works that way - I would still only have seen $100 go out of my account, not $115, and if, as would be the case for most people (not many would buy $100 and never go back to M10, but possible), you would have spent that $15 in cash in-store at some point in the future, it is as good as $15 cash.

            Don't get me wrong - I'd prefer to get a $15 discount up front, but I think for many / most people, a $15 voucher from M10, Bunnings, Countdown, PNS, NW, Westfield etc is pretty much the same as a $15 note.

            • @Alan6984: I suppose it depends on whether you'd be spending there anyway. For me it'd just mean I spend an extra $15 on something I wouldn't have bought but I agree if you go there often it'd be as good as cash - I assume these have a 2 year expiry. Lets meet half way and call it 14% ;)

        • Lol.The math works this way: 100$ item selling at 85$ thats 15$ cheaper — 15/100 = 15% of the original price.
          If you had to pay 115$ to buy a 100$ item, that's 15/115 = 13% cheaper.

          Let alone you only get store credit not real money back.

          • @jasonw: How are you getting spending $115?

            The total out 'of your bank account' is $100.

            The other $15 was the voucher - you can't count that twice.


            • +2

              @Alan6984: You’re getting $115 of product for $100. That’s 13% off.

              • @Daverino: Okay - I see the maths you are doing.

                I guess it comes down to whether you would be spending money at M10 in the future. For me, and I would guess most people, I would, in which case the $15 voucher is as good as $15 cash, so spending $85 to get $100 of goods, which is a 15% discount, but I guess for someone who knows they will never set foot inside M10 again they might see it differently.


  • either M10 or briscoes as they are having an 'upto 60% off outdoor furniture', but when aren't they? lol

    • Briscoes ones actually look quite good. Will visit to try on the real things. Thanks

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