Hacksaw recommendations please

Could someone please recommend a hacksaw that can cut an aluminum rod (about 3-3cm in diameter, it's a roller blind rod)? Thanks.


  • The important part about the hacksaw is the blade and most hacksaws use the same size/fitting blade. Only go for a fancy hacksaw to improve ergonomics (for example if you are using it quite often or doing cuts that require a lot of effort.

    If you have a drop-saw (I assume you don't) that is fine to cut aluminum too.

    Aluminum is super easy to cut so even something like this https://www.bunnings.co.nz/craftright-hacksaw-300mm-adjustab... will be fine with the supplied blade.

    • Thanks so much for your help. Could you recommend a deburring tool please? (Do I need one, after cutting the rod? Btw your assumption about my lack of a drop-saw is correct.)

  • To deburr the end of the rod after cutting it - if it's a bit rough or needs it - just grab a bit of fine sandpaper - Aluminium is soft and a bit of wet'n'dry fine paper should do the trick. Maybe the wifes Emery board even ?

  • Thank you all for helping out a novice. If you have any more tips and tricks please share. (Many things you mentioned up here might be obvious to you but are completely foreign to me. My man will do the work if I line up the tools and possibly a YouTube clip; he's just too busy to do research.)