FastestVPN | $18 (NZD 26) for Lifetime (15 Devices) - Black Friday Offer


Best deal ever from Fastestvpn, now enjoy 15 logins for even more discounted prices. This deal is a Black Friday exclusive and will be ending soon

BBC iPlayer, Hulu, Amazon Prime Videos, US Netflix, Hotstar, HBO, Disney +
100% Anonymous - 15 Day Money Back Guarantee - P2P Optimized Servers - No Logs

Some Top features (what they indicate themselves):
· Free malware protection
· Free NAT Firewall
· Free Adblocker
· 256-bit AES encryption
· 15 simultaneous connections possible
· Unlimited server switching
· 15 day money-back guarantee
· P2P optimized servers
· No logs


This is part of Black Friday / Cyber Monday deals.

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  • I signed up for Fastest VPN in November 2019 for a lifetime deal of NZ$38 and have no complaints at all. The Windows desktop client has improved considerably since then and I've had no issues with connecting or speed. NZ$26 is a bargain!

  • Can anyone else provide a review for this RE USA Netflix server from nz?

    • They've dedicated US netflix server for that. And can be use from anywhere around the world.

  • Thanks - never used a private VPN, but have figured I could use one for a few things in life (but never had the real motivation); after taking a look at this and some reviews etc, I pulled the trigger! looking forward to getting in amongst it.

  • I tried to buy just to experiment, but eventually didnt:
    1. while trying to use the Credit card option, it didn't take NZ post code in the Zip code field. ( is this deal intended for US customers only)
    2. Then tried paypal option. Didnt proceed when I noticed the paypal is charging about $3 markup ( >10%) on the transaction.

    So Its a NO from me.

    • Weird - I didn't get any markup when paying via Paypal. I did select to pay in USD rather than using their currency conversion, which saved a dollar or so, but certainly no markup when I did it earlier shrug

    • I paid using Paypal and wasn't charged a $3 markup. Final price was $18USD.

    • you have to change your country (top right menu - scroll up) to New Zealand and then it doesn't ask for a ZIP code.

  • Thanks, mate.I figured out what happened. It is the website error. I first applied to coupon on the CC options. Since CC option didnt work, I selected the Paypal option. In the fastest vpn webpage, it still showed 18USD as next to the Paypal option. But in Paypal website they were still trying to charge 20USD. Tried again by applying the coupon code right next to the Paypal option, this time it charged 18USD in Paypal option. Paypal markup to convert to NZD was ~1NZD. Opted to pay in USD.

  • is 'multilogins' the max nunber of devices/connections active per vpn account?

  • This is in the too-good-to-be-true basket. You're the product.

  • I may have completely missed it, but they don't seem to show they have any NZ servers?

    • Yeah I also noticed that and contact to support team. They said its temporarily down due to some maintenance. And also suggest me to use their browser extension for that.

  • I put random us postcode, worked for me
    90210 beverly hills lol

  • In for more information about how good this is

  • When you go to pay it defaults to US - but on the top right of your window(scroll) you can choose your country… if you pay credit card they try to charge an extra 15% - even then i'd still say it's worth it for a lifetime agreement. It's cheaper than NordVPN (by a fair amount) and is based in the Cayman Islands which is not part of the 5/9/14 eyes intelligence agreements. It is a smaller VPN but my speeds on fibre have been great especially acessing US streaming sites via US servers. I don't think there is a native NZ server - nearest is OZ. I have had unnoticeable speed drops using this one - I wouldn't game on it but streaming is good. Great deal - better if you use paypal.

  • Grrr went to look at this and I can’t use it on Apple TV unless I plug it into a computer, or set up a router with it (which I’m guessing affects all traffic going across the router). Dang.

  • found it

  • Can someone shed some light or even a link to see how I can set up an android box to use this? (If not let me know if I need to setup my router to do it)

  • Has this worked for anyone ? Mine keeps saying please enter confirmation email (even though I did ?)

  • Now $2 cheaper here for those following.