Expert Infotech Are Scammers When It Comes To Pricing

Just want to vent for a second.

Went on to the Expert Infotech website, found the link to a Pixel 4A for $629.99.

Added it to my cart at that price, even added a case at $25, Then select to over the top shipping of $10.99 to the south island.

Filled in all my details, price was still 629.99 (Phone), 25 (Case), 10.99 (Shipping)

Select pay by Bank Transfer (cause they charge 2% extra for credit cards - This is irritating enough)

Then went to review your order and the price of the phone had jumped $100 to $729.99.

Tried to call them, their phones were not working.

Went on to Facebook and messaged them, took ages to respond and they excuse was "We had an unexpected increase in the price so we had to edit it."

I find this unacceptable and nothing short of a scam.

Won't be buying from them ever.

Thanks Rant over.

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Expert Infotech
Expert Infotech


  • I cant say I am surprised after the challenges I had with after sales service with a failed phone. The struggle is real. Sometimes just say no.

  • Update

    So they called me and told me they ran out of stock and had to up the price as the new stock is more expensive, they seem to have had quite a few complaints.

    They told me they would honour the original price when the new stock arrives.

    But considering the previous experience I am not sure what to do.

  • These small companies will not have stock-on-hand for most of the products advertised on their website. The prices are mostly outdated, and they will check with suppliers only after someone places an order. FYI I have avoided this outfit for more than 20 years lol.

    • Einfo doesn't operate like that, I've used them for years, stock on hand is listed on the website.

      • stock is on hand if you want the most common samsung phone.

        i've ordered something "in stock" on their website and waited for 4 weeks for it to be shipped from hong kong.
        had to follow up multiple times. so similar shitty experience as the op's

  • I mean, it's annoying, but it's certainly not a scam.. People are using the term "scam" far too loosely these days, look up the definition.
    Shops change pricing all the time, it's just unfortunate that the price for your product got changed at the same time you were ordering it.

  • Used them 3-4 times in the past. No issue whatsoever yet.

  • Anyone had experience price matching them at Noel Leeming?

  • unless it was advertised at that price until a specified time what they did is fine.

  • Yeah dropping "scammer" for a pricing error is close to defamation. Be careful. However now that they know of the issue, and if they don't then change it, that's a different story.

    • They really shouldn't increase prices while going through the checkout process.
      Surely at least have a sub function to void any in cart/checkout items that have their pricing changed with an alert message. I guess we can't live in a perfect world though.

  • Expert Infotech used to get horrendous reviews online for dodgy practices and poor service, and for posting fake postive reviews. Having said that, I have used them once or twice with no issues.

  • Have bought numerous phones from them with no issues albeit only in store . The only thing to watch out for is the repackaged/refurbished phone - sold cheap - but not as clear as it could be .

  • I have shopped with Expert Infotech for about 15 years and they have the best prices on camera gear.I have spent over $4000 in the last 18 months and have had one lens returned, no problems for a replacement and even sent me a prepaid ticket.One thing I have noticed with this site that the prices do fluctuate quite regularly and if you're interested in a product it pays to check back occasionally see if the prices drop.However I have noticed in the last few months there's more the trend upwards and prices for example my lens a couple of months ago cost $1700 and now it's gone up to $2600 ( its lowest price last year was $1500).