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[PS4] God Of War 2018 $9 + Post @ TechCrazy


good deal

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    Good find!

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    They also have for PS4

    Far Cry New Dawn
    Division 2
    Ratchet & Clank

    All $9 each

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    Awesome game, fantastic price. Thanks for sharing.

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    If you know someone with ps5 get plus and for them to login under your account. Get lots free as part of ps plus collection. Still works on ps4 after you resign into your Ps4.

    • Wait what? So I have my friend give me his login details, put it through on my ps5 and that's it? He then can log back into his ps4 and download the collection to his ps4? I will be amazed beyond belief if this works. The ps+ collection is ps5 exclusive.
      Have you done this?

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        You have to click add to library on the games same as any ps plus I believe.
        I have done. It was working fine and everything showing in my library.
        Bugsnax is ps5 edition. All the other games are the Ps4 versions.

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