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Sony WH-1000XM4 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones - $377.36 with 11% off Coupon from The Market


This is the lowest ever price I have seen so far.

If you have The Market Club, shipping is free, if not above price excluding shipping.

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  • Pretty close to the Sony offer at this point!

  • Great find. Combine this with 4% cashback Kiwiwallet, assuming that works. $377.36 x .96 = $362.27

    • Hmm haven't used kiwiwallet before.

      • I find kiwiwallet to be a bit sh!t. does anyone know of a better cashback service?

        • @wellydeal, in what way? like they don't cashback reliably?
          I've signed up with them but haven't got a chance to use yet.

          Does anyone have any experience with cashrewards.com.au by any chance? Official FAQ states one needs Au issued credit card so haven't used the service either yet.

        • I made a $700 purchase from The Market earlier this month via kiwiwallet and now there is $28 showing in the 'pending cashback', unsure if / how long it will take to go through

          • @genesis133: each transaction has different status on our system

            Pending: the transaction has successfully been tracked by us.
            Confirmed: retailer confirms the successful transactions after the return period has completed.
            Payable: retailer pays up then transaction/s is ready for cashback Payout.

            This whole process may take anywhere between 8-16 weeks (sometimes it takes more on travel transactions as those transactions have to be consumed first to be eligible for cashback)

    • You can also get cashback from the market through ShopBack out of Aus, only 3%. I find them to be way more reliable than Kiwiwallet and you will get a pay out at some point. I've had Cashbacks in Kiwiwallet pending for an entire year now and I cbf chasing them up.

      • Thanks for the input.
        Just browsing ShopBack.com.au FAQ for credit card mentions Au issued credit card also.

        Just to confirm, does it work with NZ issued credit card? Thanks.

        • All good, that FAQ looks to be for purchases through their app which is a hybrid marketplace kind of arrangement. I purely use it through their website, so after clicking through from their site I complete my order as per usual and they don’t handle my card or payment at all.

      • Be aware they had a huge breach
        a while back which caused quite a few bargain savavy individuals to leave

        • Wow just had a skim read over the comments in that link provided… pretty intense…

        • Hmmm that might explain why Google noted a few of my passwords have been compromised about a month or so ago. Thanks for that.

  • This is such a good deal. I've been surprised how frequently these have been available at such low prices, kind of makes me regret grabbing them from Container Door when I did.

    • I think $424 is the lowest it's been at like Sony/Noel Leeming, The Market giving an additional 11% off is pretty good. Surprised how The Market is able to give additional 11% off on top of what the retailers are selling it at (they even had the additional 10% off a month ago too).

  • Container Door deal buyers be crying right now ;-;

  • So tempting! But I will not give in. Already have enough.

  • Very tempting indeed. Comes to $383.36 after shipping is added. Buy now or wait for Black Friday…? I think I might wait…

  • Heck yeah! Amazing deal!!

    How did you manage to get it to $377? I applied code and it's only $383. Please help

  • What are your experiences with the market when it comes to issues/warranty etc.?

    • I have ordered a couple of items, have had no issues and haven't claimed warranty so far

  • Throwing a question out to the brain trust. For day to day use do you guys prefer headphones like this or the wireless earbuds? I am in the market for a new pair but don't want to splash out on both. Do you find the large size of the headphones to be a bit cumbersome compared to the ear buds?

    I mostly listen to music but call quality needs to be good for Zoom meetings.

    TIA :)

    • I have both WF1000XM3 and WH1000XM4, both are great however I would prefer overear headphone at home and wireless earbuds when I am outside. Just easier to carry around and hide in my pocket

      • So what you're saying is I need both? haha

        Of the two, which microphone is better for the person on the other end of your phone calls? Thanks

      • I am in the same boat haha. If I had to only have one however I would have the WF100xm3. I use it more since it is easier to carry, I use them in the gym and stuff.

    • My personal preference is over-the-ear headphones, primarily for comfort (especially when wearing for extended periods of time) but also as they are (arguably) the best profile for noise cancellation. I own a pair of the XM4's and they are brilliant and do not feel big on your head. They are fairly compact and fold down into a case for portability. Do note that the call microphones in these - while improved over the XM3's - are still not quite perfect. My Teams/Zoom setup is audio through the headphones and I then use my laptop microphone for voice. What they lack in microphone quality is made up for by the noise cancellation. It truly is top notch and gives you the caller a really pleasant calling experience. I've found a Youtube video which does a pretty good job at testing the mic quality, with examples, if you wanted to have a listen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K0quCkc_uQU

      • Thanks for the reply.

        If you utilised the microphone from your headphones rather than your laptop for your Teams/Zoom meetings, would the other people still be able to hear clearly or would it render the meeting pointless?

        I know these headphones will be great for audio but it is a deal breaker if the microphone quality means I'd be better off unpairing them and using my phone or laptop microphone

        • No problem! So I've jut done a quick test to give the XM4 mic another try - not sure if there has been a firmware update or whatnot but it's better than when I initially tried to use it. There was actually a firmware update recently for their pairing with Windows machines so maybe that had something to do with it.

          What I should've said above is that I only use the laptop microphones because the laptop is a high-spec machine with a couple very good mics in it; the XM4 mics are still very capable and are perfectly adequate but I wouldn't say best in class. When I was using the XM4 mics (briefly) for Teams calls the other participants could hear me but the experience was better with the laptop. From my quick test I would say that experience will have now improved thanks perhaps to a firmware update (or laptop software update).

          • @TheDealMan: Perhaps it could be the Bluetooth hardware on your laptop.These headphones have the latest Bluetooth version five which has faster data transfer(Less lag as well) and more range.Although backwards compatible with older versions of Bluetooth you will not get these benefits.

            • @pdevonporf: I have this issue with it sounding like the meetings underwater from time to time when I join, it seems to sort itself out pretty fast though. I'm putting it down to my laptop having crap Bluetooth as I had a lot of issues with Bluetooth when using my old sennheiser pxc550.

            • @pdevonporf: Hey yeah I did consider this, however the laptop has a bluetooth 5.1 chip and all drivers are kept regularly up to date. I unfortunately think it is just the headphones themselves - I have colleagues with the same headphones but different laptops who experience the same thing and use the same configuration. This was actually an issue with the XM3s as well, but Sony did improve the mics slightly for the XM4, however seemingly not quite enough.

        • The microphone on the xm4's is clear enough that you never have to repeat what you say, I use them to call people, discord and talk to people in-game and only been told once to get a better mic.

    • I am a little more extreme, using a Sony over-ear noise-canceling headphones at home, with a dedicated Plantronics headset for calls (my older version of Sony just cannot handle calls well), I also have a set of Apple Airpods for outside and sleeping.

      I'm not using a Mac so my setup is a little more complicated.

      If you do use a Mac with an iPhone, you may find the Airpod pro may work better for you?

  • Thank you again!!! Managed to signup for the free market club trial for 60 days and got free shipping!

    Insane! The final price is cheaper than buying XM3s!

    Can't wait, so excited!!!!

    • If by chance you're a Vodafone customer, you can join The Market Club for a year+ for free. I'm currently subscribed until September 20, 2025. Bought a Vodafone simcard (and topped it up) just so I could get this deal.

  • How does this compare to the Bose QC35 ii, advertised for $299 in the PBTech BF sale? Seems like a reasonable price for these?

    • XM4 definitely better in every way.

    • I did a lot of homework and the Bose are good, but to me the major differences that swayed me to the sonys were:

      Micros usb Vs usb C
      Longer battery life
      Quick charging
      Ldac support for better quality (Bose only reaches AAC)
      Bluetooth 5.0

      All seem minor really but I can finally not have a micro usb cable in my life any more, and quick charging km the sonys is fantastic, it says it's running low, 10 minutes and charge and I can get through the day. When you can't charge and listen at the same time this is essential to get you back up and running before joining a conference call.

      The Bose are good they just need a refresh, updated Bluetooth USB and quick charging I would have got them. Bose have added those features I'm to the NC700 that PB have for $450 tomorrow.

    • BOSE 700 will be more in pair with XM4, qc35 II is quite old already