How Do You Spend The Last Bits of Balance on a Prezzy Card?

I've won a few Prezzy cards and they have small balances remaining. I want to know if I can do stuff like:

1) transfer it somewhere else
2) find a website that allows split transactions
3) get a straight-up refund for the balance

Anyone know if any of these things are possible, because it feels like I've still got some peanut butter left at the bottom of the jar here.


  • You will have to use it in a physical store, and you will need to know the exact remaining balance for the store to charge to it as a split transaction. In the past I've done this when paying for groceries to use up the last few $

  • You don't have to know the balance. This shows up on the point of sale device in the store.

    • I guess things may have changed, but that was not my experience when I had access to an EFTPOS machine.

      I could process a transaction, but the cardholder (me in that case) had to state the amount to charge against the card.

      I don't recall ever being able to find out the balance available on a credit card (except by trial and error).

      Maybe things have changed though?


  • One good thing a card like this is useful for is to sign up for a trial online. Eg. Netflix.
    That card can't be charged if you forget to cancel yet they need a small balance to allow the trial to activate. (small $1-$5 balance cards)

    • They actually say twice in FAQs that you can't use it for that. They don't specify if it's a case of "you'll be declined if you try" or "it's frowned upon" though.

  • Supermarket checkout terminals allow split transactions. I had done it at countdown. Or you can top up your HOP card or trademe account.

  • You could also do a custom amazon gift card etc to get to within a few cents of the balance

  • You can send yourself a Mighty Ape gift card (min is $5).