[Announcement] Daily Newsletter Will Exclude Expired/Out of Stock Deals by Default from Thurs 12 Nov Onwards

Ever since the daily newsletter was made available via email, the 10 most popular deals in the past 24 hours were included, and the default was to include deals that are out of stock or expired to facilitate discussion.

Due to feedback and the inability of subscribers without ChoiceCheapies accounts to change this setting, we will be changing the default behaviour to exclude expired deals. This will not affect users have previously saved their newsletter settings. The changeover of the default behaviour is planned for Thurs 12 Nov, before the morning newsletter.

If you still wish to keep the current default behaviour of including expired/out of stock deals, make sure you go to

account settings > subscriptions > newsletter

, make sure the 'Exclude expired deals' option is unchecked, then click on the Save Preferences button to save your settings. Important: Unless you save, the system hasn't really saved what is displayed on the page, it is simply displaying the current default values.

Newsletter Preference