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$13 Double Pizzas (Excludes Limited Time Menu Items) at Hell Pizza


No tricks here, just treats! It's Helloween on Saturday - our favourite time of the year and we are celebrating with $13 double pizzas all day and all night.

Just say "Candyman, Candyman, Candyman" when you order over the phone or in store, or use the online code:

Click here to save this voucher code to your account.
*Offer only valid on 31st October, not available in conjunction with any other offer. Standard surcharges apply. Offer does not include limited time pizzas, e.g. Silencer of the Lambs.

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Hell Pizza
Hell Pizza


  • Interesting they finally decided to exclude limited time offers. IIRC previously they never did, but these went out of stock very fast in most stores

  • Stack with Amex $5 cash back for $8 pizza :)

    • I am deeply upset that I cancelled my two amex cards (and that my partner cancelled her card) right before this promotion.

  • I've never tried Hell Pizza. What's the best, and most popular one?

    • I get the creator - make my own πŸ˜ƒ

      Chicken , bacon, onions, capsicum & Camembert. Bbq & cranberry sauce πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

      It says chicken is + $2.50 but today it’s still only $13.

      • Thanks a lot.

        But I cannot find it on online order website.

        Maybe it's available only offline..?

        I'm ordering online because I'm too shy to say the secret code in front of the Hell Pizza guy LOL

        Also I'm often indecisive when I have to choose in restaurant.

        BTW, It's quite hard to visualise each pizzas cuz they don't have pictures on website :(

    • +2 votes

      Hi Acrojuno.

      Thought I’d give you a couple options since this same deal is happening again in just under 2 weeks time

      Most popular are:
      Lust Deluxe (meat lovers)
      Greed (Hawaiian)
      Mayhem (Satay Chicken)
      Grimm (Apricot Chicken with cream cheese)
      Pandemonium (Chicken, cranberry and Camembert)

      My favourite out of the listed are Grimm and Mayhem

      • I tried the vegan burger pizza with meatless farms burger patty and honey mustard and it wasn't bad although since they are supposed to be burger patties it has large chunks of protein rather than small bits spread around

        • Yeah the burger pizza is alright too.

          I love the new lamb pizza (Silencer) but assuming you're vegan or choose not to eat meat, it wouldn't be the pizza for you. Excluded from my selection as it's limited time and was excluded from the Candyman deal

  • My favourite is Lust deluxe. Tried ordering yesterday, but two of the shops nearby me went offline for a while, then some other errors, then they reached max capacity. πŸ˜•