Subway World Sandwich day BOGO dead?

Halloween is approaching which for the past 3 years has meant 2 things (well if we ignore trick or treaters), Hell Pizza will have their $13 double pizza on halloween and then Subway will have World Sandwich Day BOGO sometimes soon after. I believe Hell still plan their $13 promotion but am I right that Subway's World Sandwich day is dead?

For 2017-2019 the date seems to have been first Friday in November (2017 - 3rd, 2018 - 2nd, 2019 - 1st) so I guess it would have been November 6 this year (unless it was 30 October), a little bit later but still only ~10 days away. And I can't find any mention from this year, by now it's generally already been talked about/promoted. I assume staff will definitely know given schedules etc.

(Before they began BOGO I found them saying it was November 3 a Monday in 2014 but I assume different considerations applied when it was a minor thing )

I'm not that surprised. Last year the Australian franchises managed to convince the Australian franchisor to cancel the BOGO unhappy with the costs on them and I can't imagine Kiwi ones were much happier. (Not complaining.)

And even if COVID-19 is not such an issue in NZ, it is in much of the world. Putting aside those countries where it would violate rules so simply can't happen, I'm guessing in a lot of places, long lines at Subway wouldn't be seen as the sort of positive press it would normally be. So wouldn't be surprised if the running the promotion was canned globally. (I know many countries didn't do BOGO, but it seems to have been around the world enough that I assume their head office was involved.)

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  • I think subway aren't doing the bogof for sandwich day anymore, they prob would of advertised by now and their typical subwaylivefeed website isn't going. I see they have just done a teaser on facebook which people are guessing bogof but the image is a treasure chest so I think its a different promo.