Cheapest place to buy Command Hooks?

Where is the best place to buy 3M Command Hooks from?
Does anyone know any places which have them frequently on discount?
Are there any suitable alternatives to 3M Command Hooks?


  • Yeah these never seem to get much of a discount anywhere. I have seen some clearance at warehouse occasionally but not for the core standard ones. Otherwise you can wait for a briscoes sale, but usually 30% off is the max there. Maybe they very rarely will go to 50% at briscoes? Currently they are 30% off at briscoes.

  • The best way I have found is that you can price beat via Bunnings, Mitre 10 and the Warehouse since they all stock the same item. If any store in NZ has a sale on them, you'll be able to get a better discount with the stores above.

  • You can buy these on aliexpress for cheaper than NZ stores. I have bought from there in the past and received the real deal 3M product

  • If you don't mind them being permanent (or having to use a bit of elbow grease to clean up) then the $2 shops will have what you need. AFAIK the $2 Things chain have the most hooks.