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[PC] Overcooked $5, Overcooked 2 $18.59 & More @ Gamemaster


Overcooked Sale
Ends 19th October 2020

Some highlights:

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  • Cool, heard this is a good couples game. Is it worth buying the first one too or just going to the second one?


      I can confirm from experience it's a great game for couples! Both games allow up to 4 players which makes it great for parties too as local co-op is supported. Overcooked 2 improves on the gameplay of the first game and also includes online multiplayer.

      Playing the first game is great for learning the basics, but both games have unique levels and content, so it's possible you will want to try both at some point.

      Hope this helps :)

    • these are great games. But def start with Overcooked first so when you get used to the new mechanics of the sequel you're not annoyed that they aren't there if you jam the first game afterwards