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Buy 1 Gourmet/Traditional Pizza & Get 1 Free @ Domino's


Tuesday BOGOF, usual weekly deal. Alternate code: 35 779

*Excludes Chicken Parma Pizza

If Domino's isn't your thing, the usual free delivery Tuesday deal at Hell Pizza is available.

Other offers/codes:

2 Garlic Breads $5
Choc Lava cake $2.99
3 Value Pizzas + 2 Garlic Breads $18.99 (Pick up)
New Yorker Range Pizzas $19.99 (Delivered)

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  • wow not sure when they did this but seems they have changed their definition of a topping change.

    if i take off a topping and replace it with something else, that used to be 1 change, now its 2 changes

    • After the first 2 free ones and not including the $3 ingreds? Because I can remove 2 ingredients and add 2 ingredients. Just tried.

      1 X SUPREME
      $13.80Classic Crust
      Add JalapenosAdd Seasoned ChickenRemove Italian SausageRemove Pineapple

      Also tried doing an extra change.

      1 X SUPREME
      $13.80Classic Crust
      Add JalapenosAdd Pork & Fennel SausageAdd Seasoned ChickenRemove Italian SausageRemove MushroomRemove Pineapple

      Seems to be working normally for me? or is it just a change in how it counts the changes, not effecting the end price?

      • hmmm, actually maybe before they were undercharging me and now they are just charging me the proper price (i never paid attention to the prices of the things i changed, just did a 1 for 1 swap, but was swapping out different priced stuff)

        ignore my earlier comment