Noel Leeming - will they refund difference in price?

I bought something from Noel Leeming online the other day and it's just gone on sale. I know I can buy it again and I have 14 days to do a no quibbles return but if I call them up and ask them to refund the difference in price will they? Cheers!

*Edit: I emailed them with all the details and they promptly refunded me the difference in price.

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Noel Leeming
Noel Leeming


  • You can always try?
    I had the same thing with PB tech last year, bought something then less than a week later it was onsale so i email them & went instore, then was refunded the difference.

  • Yes, they will. As you say, easier for them than the return and repurchase trick.

  • Last time I tried this with NL (probably about 3 years ago) they would only give me the difference as store credit on a gift card.

    I guess it still aligns with their returns policy where they say you can return any product with 14 days for a NL gift card