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[PC] Free: Serious Sam 1 (Was $18), 2 (Was $12) and 3 (Was $12) @ Alienware Arena


Serious Sam 1, 2 and 3 are being offered for free until tomorrow. 10,000 Steam keys available per game.

The promotion is divided into 5 days:

21st Sep: 25 ARP for free
22nd Sep: A 2x booster for 48h
23rd Sep: Serious Sam HD: The First Encounter
24th Sep: Serious Sam 2
25th Sep: Serious Sam 3

1) Log in (or create a new Alienaware account) then change the region by going to this URL: na.alienwarearena.com/
2) Then click on the little bomb icon so that the banner with the information opens

via dealbot at OzBargain

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  • This is awesome, I loved these games!

  • Not working for me. I can only claim the first day's reward (after creating an account today). I therefore think the days the games are released are linked to the day you join up or claim the first reward.

  • it was working, I only managed to claim the first 2 days (the tokens) but when I went on the 3rd day for the game, icon was gone. Came back a few times, still gone.