Any Mobile Phone That Is Budget and Good ?

Hi All

I am looking to buy a new mobile phone, my current one almost died, and I am thinking to buy the budget phone range under $300 ? any recommendation please ?


  • Here you go - I did a quick sort/filter to the max price of $350 for you at pricespy:

    Just google reviews for any that take your fancy.

  • I ordered one of these a few days ago.. from all the reviews they look like a good phone for $340ish.

  • Have a look at the moto g series phones. Best phones in that price range imho.

    • I can't say about the more recent models, but I can say from personal experience that the Moto G6 Plus was an excellent phone.

      Hope that helps,


      • Thank you, do you know if it's cheaper to order off shore, or wait Noel Leeming has sale ?

        • The problem is that there is never any certainty that NL will do a sale at the right time for you, and if they do, whether any particular model will be included.

          Having said that, I would generally expect offshore to be cheaper, but for me, the benefit of a local NZ retailer who is subject to the CGA, is significant enough, so I have mostly purchased in NZ - I consider the extra cost to be akin to an insurance premium. The only exception was some years ago when I was in the US for a month - I bought a phone on the second day I was there, figuring that if there was any issue, it would likely manifest in the first month, and I would be able to get it exchanged in store. In the event, it worked fine for about four years.

          Hope that helps,


          • @Alan6984: Thank you I am looking around Ali express for Moto G6 as per your suggestion. thanks a lot

            • @ohohcoco: Not sure I would recommend a Moto G6 today - it was a great phone a few years ago, but I would look for a newer model today.

              However, I would have no issues with the Moto brand based on my prior experience.


  • Oh wow ohohcoco is alive! Hai doggie!

  • " the benefit of a local NZ retailer who is subject to the CGA, is significant "

    VERY. If you buy overseas good luck getting any repairs under warranty.

    • When was the last time you had a HW fault on the phone within the first 2-3 years? To me, none of my Xiaomi Phones(All bought from AE) that I bought since 2014 had any HW issues.

      • Had a hardware issue on a Sony Xperia Z3 after about a year of ownership. I'd bought it locally but it was a parallel import and Sony refused to repair it under warranty when they found that out. The law was on their side. And the retailer I'd bought it from had shut up shop and disappeared. Anyway I was very lucky in the end as I got friendly with someone very high up in Sony Nz and I ended up with an Xperia Z5 compact and a Z5 full size phone for me entirely free of charge.

        So yeah hardware issues can indeed happen and if you've bought from some overseas seller then you might just lose your entire $300 or whatever you spend. And you wont save a lot buying from overseas really.

  • Xiaomi redmi note 5. This one has a good features and in your price range as well.

    • Are Xiaomi (and Huawei if you know) still running Android, or have the US export restrictions stopped that now?



      • The US restrictions are for Huawei and effect google services (eg. google maps, google photos, google play store. Huawei have alternative applications you can use instead of the google ones). Also for a lot of the google apps you can install them via a third party method.

        The Huawei phones still are android phones.

  • They have Android installed.

  • Xiaomi 9 4GB/64GB 5000MAH Battery, from Ali is about $230 NZD shipped. Very good phone.
    Few options on Amazon, would be the Motorola G8 Power for $169USD + 13USD Shipping. 4GB/64GB.