[Android, IOS] Free 1TB Online Cloud Storage at Dubox


Seems to be a new cloud storage option.

No need to register, can sign in straightly with your FB, Google, Apple account.
1TB free storage
Decent upload/download speed

No PC client at the moment, only phone client available.

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  • I love the word straightly hehe

  • Not sure I would trust them considering their feedback email is: @gmail.com. Not very professional.
    And run by popIn Inc: "Asia’s largest native ad network" So I assume you will be served with a lot of advertising, or your files will be used to profile you.

    • Yes I was a bit surprised about the feedback address as well. Good thinking for the popIn Inc too. Probably do not use your primary email account to prevent them spamming you just in case.

  • BTW, Dubox is in Beta version at the moment. So it's not a final product/solution. Hopefully they will provide a more professional contact email address and a PC client soon.

  • If you trust your data in a company you have never heard of… Go ahead.

  • Remember, if it’s free then you are the product!

  • No option to create an account without using Facebook, Google, or Apple - I'd steer well clear.